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How to Hide Private Messages in the New User Experience in Microsoft Yammer

How to Clean Up the New Private Messages User Experience in Microsoft Yammer Learning how to hide private messages in the Microsoft Yammer new User Experience became a mission for me. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read “New Private Messages User Experience in Microsoft Yammer” from February 23, 2017.) From what I can tell, there is no …

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New Private Messages User Experience in Microsoft Yammer

Last night I was using Yammer when * BAM * – a change to the Yammer user interface caught my eye. This little popup appeared in the bottom right hand corner… see: The pop-up persisted and I didn’t want it to disappear without understanding what had changed so I was compelled to explore the new layout at …

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When to Use Yammer, Email, or IM for Business Communications

Email, Yammer, and Instant Messages, Oh My! So many choices. When it comes to communication, everyone’s got their preference. But I seriously believe there should be some hard, fast ground rules when it comes to inter-office communications. I work with a team that has successfully adopted Yammer for the majority of our communications. Email is …

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Live Streaming Apps for Yammer

While searching for a definite answer about if a Desktop Notifier App for Macs exists for a client, I came across some folks discussing two neat Yammer apps for displaying Yammer content as a streaming feed. (By the way – if the link above doesn’t work for you, then you’re not a member of the Office …

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Yammer – Network Admin Settings That Require Verified Admin

My colleague Sean recently suggested we delete the “Nerd Parking Lot” Yammer Group in our Company itgroove Yammer Network. It wasn’t being used and as we tended to post technical discussion points in our Technology Yammer Group instead. I made the suggestion that we use the Export Data function to archive the content. Partially to save our butts if …

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Goodbye Publisher Settings Feature in Yammer

In a past blog post (“Where Did the Publisher Settings Checkbox go in Yammer?“) I pondered the fate of the Publisher Settings Feature. It had recently disappeared from the Yammer Interface  and I wondered if it had been moved to another location or if it had become a setting that only Network Admins could configure. On October 7th, Microsoft made …

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Where Did the Publisher Settings Checkbox go in Yammer?

Talk about agile! It’s October 2015 and there’s already more changes to Yammer since the User Interface changes back in July 2015. Unfortunately, it would appear the Publisher Settings checkbox has disappeared from the Preferences settings! 🙁 This setting allowed users to determine if they wanted to submit Yammer messages by using the Enter key or (if unchecked) …

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Why You Should Use the Yammer Desktop Notifier

“Why should I care about the Yammer Desktop Notifier App?” Businesses and organizations looking to adopt Yammer as communication and knowledge sharing tool should make installing the Yammer Desktop Notifier part of their “Getting Started” checklist for new users. People can be resistant to adopting new habits, especially when it is perceived as “extra work” or “ANOTHER …

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How to Add a Link Preview to an Announcement in Yammer

If you are used to posting updates in Yammer, but are ready to move on to Announcements, there are a few tricks you need to be aware of. ISSUE #1 – I don’t see an Announcements button! SOLUTION: You must be a Group admin to see the “Announcement” icon. Ask the Group’s current Admin nicely …

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