Goodbye Publisher Settings Feature in Yammer

In a past blog post (“Where Did the Publisher Settings Checkbox go in Yammer?“) I pondered the fate of the Publisher Settings Feature. It had recently disappeared from the Yammer Interface  and I wondered if it had been moved to another location or if it had become a setting that only Network Admins could configure.

On October 7th, Microsoft made an announcement in the Enterprise Social Service Updates group of the IT Pro Yammer Network about some Minor Deprecations in Yammer. These minor features were deprecated due to one of three reasons:

  1. low engagement
  2. because they were no longer fit with Microsoft’s long term product direction – to be focused on team collaboration.
  3. part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to streamline the Yammer User Interface and User Experience.

This list includes the Publisher Settings Feature, which lets users press the “Enter” key to submit a new post or reply to one.

This feature can no longer be enabled, and will be deprecated within the next month or two.

Verified admins in Yammer will receive a Yammer email to communicate this and other changes to the service. If you haven’t received yours yet, Microsoft clarified that this message may take some time due to a current backlog in [their] email platform.

So what now?
Users can continue to post a new post or reply to an existing post by clicking the “Post” button or pressing the Shift + Enter keys together.

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