Why You Should Use the Yammer Desktop Notifier

“Why should I care about the Yammer Desktop Notifier App?”

Businesses and organizations looking to adopt Yammer as communication and knowledge sharing tool should make installing the Yammer Desktop Notifier part of their “Getting Started” checklist for new users. People can be resistant to adopting new habits, especially when it is perceived as “extra work” or “ANOTHER place to go look for information”.

The goal is to get new users checking their Yammer Inbox and Notifications every day, preferably several times a day to stay in-the-loop. (I recommend first thing in the morning and at the end of the day). Yammer Desktop Notifier helps with facilitating this goal in three ways:

  1. It gives users a one-click method to open their Yammer Inbox or Home feed.
  2. It gives users a summary of how many unread Inbox messages and Notifications they have.
  3. It gives users real-time pop-up notifications in the bottom right corner of their screen about activity in Yammer.


My favourite features of the Yammer Desktop Notifier is that you don’t have to have Yammer open to use it, and you can customize it to only show alerts you want to see.

Here’s a link to download the Yammer Desktop Notifier. Check it out! You can always uninstall it if it’s not your jam.

2 responses to “Why You Should Use the Yammer Desktop Notifier

  1. Hi Kelly,

    I’ve been looking for Windows Desktop requirements needed to run Yammer Notifier but I’m not having any success.
    Can you tell me what is the minimum version of .net framework needed to run Yammer Notifier?
    Will it work with .net framework 4.5?

    Thank you,
    John Campbell

  2. The Yammer notifier does indeed give me a fairly obtrusive menu, that takes me to the Yammer website if I click on it – but I already know how to get to the Yammer website. However, although it shows me as logged in, and I have everything ticked under Desktop Alerts, I’m not getting any pop-up notifications when a colleague posts on my Yammer feed.

    It would be useful if it gave me desktop notifications, but it isn’t doing that. Any ideas would be gratefully received!


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