How to Add a Link Preview to an Announcement in Yammer

If you are used to posting updates in Yammer, but are ready to move on to Announcements, there are a few tricks you need to be aware of.

ISSUE #1 – I don’t see an Announcements button!



You must be a Group admin to see the “Announcement” icon. Ask the Group’s current Admin nicely in a Private Message and they can raise your permission level for you.


ISSUE #2 – My text disappears when I try to change an Update to an Announcements!

If you first type the text message in the Update field, then realize that you actually want it to be an Announcement, clicking on the Announcement button will cause your text will disappear!




Fortunately, if you click back on Update, your text will reappear. You need to cut/paste your text into the Announcement field.

ISSUE #3 – There are no Link Previews in Announcements!

If you paste a URL link into an Announcement, you will see the link, but will not get a Link Preview at the bottom of the post like you do with Updates.



First, paste the URL link into the body of the Update then click on Announcement button. That will preserve your Link Preview. Next, type your message.

Step 1:


Step 2:


Hope that helps! Yammer Time!

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  1. Hi Kelly great post. I’m trying to paste a link with a preview but I don’t have an Announcement button. I think I don’t have the right permissions. Is it still possible to get a link preview?

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