Yammer – Network Admin Settings That Require Verified Admin

My colleague Sean recently suggested we delete the “Nerd Parking Lot” Yammer Group in our Company itgroove Yammer Network. It wasn’t being used and as we tended to post technical discussion points in our Technology Yammer Group instead.


I made the suggestion that we use the Export Data function to archive the content. Partially to save our butts if anyone pulled a “oh shoot, I needed that…” move, but primarily to test how well the feature works. I went into the Network Admin Settings page (via the tiny blue cog in the bottom left hand corner of the User Interface beside your user name.)


What I discovered when I clicked on the Export Data button was that I did not have sufficient permissions to perform this action. This is the screen you get:


I was recently upgraded to a Network Admin after agreeing to dive into the Yammer Admin Guide to get up to speed on the advanced features of Yammer. So after a quick read, it was obvious that any features related to monitoring Yammer Data or User Activity were not available without being Verified.

The info was scattered throughout the guide, so to save you all time, I created this screenshot for reference. Any Network Setting you see highlighted in yellow is only available for Verified Admins:


To become a Verified Admin, you need to find a Verified Admin to Grant you Verified Admin privileges. Fortunately when you hit a “Verification Required” screen, Yammer lists who has that permission level so you can make a request via Private Message.

Here’s a screenshot of what my colleague who is a Verified Admin sees when she logs in:


2 responses to “Yammer – Network Admin Settings That Require Verified Admin

  1. Hey Kelly, came across this when looking for some Yammer admin information and wanted to thank you for such a great tip and clear instructions! I find there’s not a lot of documentation out there on this kind of thing (Yammer administration).

    1. Thank you Rachel!
      I have found Microsoft’s Yammer Admin Guide to be the most thorough and helpful documentation out there for Yammer Administration. If you haven’t taken a look, I highly recommend you check it out. Please let me know if you have any other questions about Yammer. I may be able to point you in the correct direction.

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