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How to Record Full Screen or Video Message to Microsoft Steam

Did you know that you can record a short video and have it save directly into Microsoft Stream in one step? Yep. No more “apps in the middle” – i.e. record with Snagit, edit with Camtasia, upload to Vimeo/OneDrive. Best part is you can record your full screen and your web cam at the same …

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See Notifications about To Do App in your Task Bar

Find it hard to remember when you have tasks due? Look no farther than your task bar! This feature is called the App Badge. Warning: This only works for the Windows 10 app you install from the Microsoft Store. This doesn’t work for any of you that are a fan of installing a site as …

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Time Travel using the History Menu in Microsoft Teams

Back to the Future fans – get ready to hop into Microsoft Teams’ very own Delorean to travel back in time to parts of the Microsoft Teams app you were using in the past. The back button already lets you with each click to step back a step to the last place you were working. …

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Why I am Deleting My Planner and To Do Task Bookmarks

When I get excited about something, you know it. That’s why my nickname around Regroove is #11. (Turn it up to 11). Yet when I am disappointed about something, you’ll also know. I rag on Microsoft a lot for things that just don’t work the way I expect them to. Often new features that feel …

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How to Use Microsoft Teams to Join Your Family Holiday Call

Here are some simple step-by-step instructions to send to family who: Do not have the Microsoft teams app installed Are using a personal email account Will be using their computer/laptop Instructions: Press “click here to join the meeting” highlighted in yellow above. Your internet browser will open. Press CANCEL.Remember: Use Chrome or Edge; not Internet …

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How to Use Microsoft Teams to Host Your Family Holiday Call

Have you been asked by your family to setup a family holiday call using Microsoft Teams? Don’t sweat it! What could go wrong? ? Ok, a lot. Well, here are a few tips that I took note of while setting up a Microsoft Teams calls for my own family… What: Add your personal email first …

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How to Trim a Video in Microsoft Stream

I am stoked on this. I didn’t realize this feature was here (or that it was THAT useful) until I recorded a meeting where I gave step-by-step instructions on how to do something and forgot to stop the recording before my coworker and I launched into irrelevant chit chat. One thing to keep in mind …

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How to Edit a file in the Word app instead of in the Teams app

Need to edit a file in the Word app instead of in the Teams app? Here is how: Locate the file you want to edit in the Files tab in the Teams app. Open the more menu beside the file (by either clicking on the three dots OR right click on the file name). Open > Select “Open …

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Add a Personal Wiki to your Teams App Bar

Did you know that you can pin the Wiki app to your Teams app bar? Click the three dots More Options menu to open the junk drawer and select Wiki from the options in the list. Why use it? It gives you a personal wiki that you control! Use it to store helpful information inside …

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