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Blocking Time in your Outlook Calendar When You are Not Working

Making sure my coworkers know when I am and will be available is very important to me. In addition to using the Status message in Teams, I also block off time in my Outlook calendar so people and scheduling tools do not try and book me during a time I do not work. Here’s how …

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New Feature: Links to OneNote and Teams Now Work in Microsoft To Do

Do you see what I see? Look at these gorgeous links! Yep. You can just copy/paste a “Copy Link” from OneNote or from Teams into the Notes field and have it show up formatted neatly and correctly (and frankly, as it should have been from day one.) THIS. IS. LIFE. CHANGING. Thank you @MicrosoftToDo You …

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Moving Tasks from OneNote to To Do and then to Outlook

Task management is hard. With this simple “workflow”, life can get a little easier.Here’s how I manage my tasks: For every meeting, assign someone to be the meeting scribe and type out a task list in OneNote using To Do tags. Pro Tip: Start each task with task owner’s initials and end each task with …

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A Son is Born, Introducing Alvin LaForest

Several readers asked me to post an announcement with photos when my son was born, so here is an update, several months late… Rick LaForest and Kelly LaForest are happy to announce the birth of our son “Alvin”, officially named Albert Richard LaForest V (the fifth), who was born on April 22, 2019 at Victoria …

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Taking Hiatus from Microsoft MVP Program

I have made the decision to step down from the Microsoft MVP Program this year. I will not be submitting any community contributions for the award renewal cycle. I recognize that I have not given back the volume or the quality of contributions to the community that I have in past years. It is clear …

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How to Fix the Cannot Save as Draft Issue with a SharePoint Blog Site

I was recently working with someone who wanted an overview of SharePoint Blog Sites. We setup the SharePoint Blog Site in our sandbox site collection (where I was acting as Site Collection Administrator and they were acting as Full Control Site Owner). We quickly noticed that the “Save as Draft” button was disabled. While I am the …

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How OneNote Page Version History Affects OneDrive Storage

Microsoft’s free email,, comes with 5 GB of free storage in the OneDrive. I am currently using 20 GB of my allotted 30 GB and was curious what was taking up so much space. (I am a lucky gal who has 30 GB for free from a previous promotion.) Fortunately there’s a fantastic tool in …

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