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What the Teams are you talking about?

Have you recently found yourself in a conversation where you were left shaking your head while wondering what the Teams your coworkers are talking about? Then this is the blog post for you! There are a lot of uses of the word “team”. We’re here to bring some clarity to which version of the word …

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Two Truths about MS Teams Governance

Now, IMO, when it comes to making those governance decisions, two things are true: Truth #1 – There are no right or wrong answers. The only wrong answer (IMO) is “I am not going to think about governance. I’m going to let it be the “wild west” and see what happens. “ Why do I …

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One Gotcha About Using a Communication Site for Collaboration

So your user is asking for a Communication site to store files… To that I say, cool! Communication sites are great! But why do you want to use a Communication site over a Team site? Is it because you want a small group of authors to publish information in the form of site pages and …

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Why Many Organizations Lock Down Private Channel Creation to All Users

“Why do some organizations choose to disable the ability for all users to create private channels in Microsoft Teams?” Answer: The decision to centralize creation of private channels using a global policy to control which users in your organization are allowed to create them likely occurred during a Microsoft Teams governance planning session. Decisions are often made based on an organization’s: In …

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Good Governance Practices for MS Teams

Governance is good. But let’s face it. People don’t like rules. ? So if you’re going to set standards, here’s my recommendations: Recommendations – The Rules: Recommendations – The Decision Makers: Side rant: IT shouldn’t drive the business. Our job is to inform and to protect, not rule with an iron fist.

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How to Have Files Open in Read-Only in SharePoint Online

Question: “Is it possible to change the settings in a SharePoint Online site or library to default the documents we open to View- only instead of Editing? More details: “If someone wants to edit, they can then click on the editing feature and edit the document. This would help people from making changes by accident …

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Why Following a SharePoint Online Site Matters

The first thing I do when am added as a member or owner of a SharePoint Online site is to follow the site: This tiny little button plays a big role in making the moving of files between sites and the saving of files to sites much easier. I describe in detail how following a …

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