Add a Personal Wiki to your Teams App Bar

Did you know that you can pin the Wiki app to your Teams app bar?

Click the three dots More Options menu to open the junk drawer and select Wiki from the options in the list.

Why use it?

It gives you a personal wiki that you control!

Use it to store helpful information inside the Teams Desktop App. Keeping links and info a click away saves you having to open up another app to track it down.

You can also use the tabs at the top to switch from Personal to All to get a list of quick link to all of the Teams wikis throughout all the teams you are a member of.

What are some benefits to Teams Wikis?

  • The ability to copy a link to a section and share it out with others.
    • (Reminder: this feature is not available in the Personal wiki.)
  • The ability to start a Teams channel conversation post from within the Wiki using Personal Mentions.
    • (Reminder: this feature is not available in the Personal wiki.)

What are some downsides to Teams Wikis?

  • There is (currently) no search or CTRL + F to search for keywords in the Wiki.