How to Record Full Screen or Video Message to Microsoft Steam

Did you know that you can record a short video and have it save directly into Microsoft Stream in one step?

Yep. No more “apps in the middle” – i.e. record with Snagit, edit with Camtasia, upload to Vimeo/OneDrive.

Best part is you can record your full screen and your web cam at the same time!

Only “gotcha” is you you’re capped at 15 minutes long – but who is still listening after 5 minutes anyway? ?

Here is how:

  1. Open Stream in your browser then click on Create in top ribbon menu.
  2. Click on Record screen or video.
  3. Choose what to record using Screen and camera menu.
  4. Press record button.

Check out my blog if you want to trim the beginning or end of your recording: “How to Trim a Video in Microsoft Stream“.