Time Travel using the History Menu in Microsoft Teams

Back to the Future fans – get ready to hop into Microsoft Teams’ very own Delorean to travel back in time to parts of the Microsoft Teams app you were using in the past.

The back button already lets you with each click to step back a step to the last place you were working. However you have to click six times to back up six steps.

The new History menu will let you select a place in that history to jump back to. This is a feature that people who use Microsoft Office are familiar with in Word, Excel, etc. with the Undo actions history menu.

Now what is yet to be seen is if we’ll be able to use the history menu to travel “back to the future” and move forward through time. Microsoft Office users can do this using the Redo actions button.


What – Users will be able to see and quickly navigate to recently visited locations in Microsoft Teams.

How – By hovering over the backward and forward navigation buttons,

Why – The history menu makes it easier to navigate to previous locations, such as nested tabs and documents.

When – Roll out early February; complete late February 2021.


Screenshot provided by Microsoft of what the feature will look like.