See Notifications about To Do App in your Task Bar

Find it hard to remember when you have tasks due?

Look no farther than your task bar!

This feature is called the App Badge.

Warning: This only works for the Windows 10 app you install from the Microsoft Store. This doesn’t work for any of you that are a fan of installing a site as an app. (*cough* Sean Wallbridge *cough*)


What – You can setup your Microsoft To Do app to display a notification showing the number of tasks that are due today and overdue.

How – Go into Settings and turn on App Badge notifications.

Why – Quickly see how many tasks you have that are due today or overdue in Microsoft To Do. You don’t even need to have the app open.

When – Available now.



Shoutout: Thank you to Kayla Whitesel and Nicole Nelson for making me aware of this feature!