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Don’t mind me. For 25+ years, my parents have struggled to describe what it is we (at Regroove) and I, do. I’m hoping we may have boiled this down to what matters. Sean Wallbridge, Chief Troublemaker, Regroove Solutions. Regroove Solutions is a team of cloud-first “agents of change” located in beautiful Victoria, BC Canada, focusing …

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Regroove in a Nutshell

DO BETTER WITH CLOUD. BE PRODUCTIVE AT WORK. Regroove Solutions is a team of cloud-first “agents of change” located in beautiful Victoria, BC Canada, focusing on revolutionizing the way your business works. Regroove delivers coaching and consulting on digital transformation, modern workplace productivity, and process automation. The talented Regroove service delivery team helps organizations of …

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How to Snooze an Email in Outlook

Microsoft finally delivered “Snooze” functionality for Outlook on the Web. I’ve been waiting a LONG time for this. No longer do I need to keep my smart phone nearby/handy to snooze a message. I can do it right within Outlook on the Web. Awesome! In this video, I demonstrate how it works.

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Elaborate Intranet home page or beautiful search experience?

Does your company need an elaborate Intranet home page or do you just give people what they want? Search… While the day to day work for modern #cloudfirst businesses is trending towards #MicrosoftTeams, not all of your content exists there (particularly if it wasn’t born there – it may live in old SharePoint Team Sites, …

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Microsoft Planner as a Windows 10 App – It’s kind of a thing

What can I say? I’m smitten with Chromium apps these days. From LinkedIn, to Twitter, Facebook and of course, Navo, which we created here at Regroove. If a website supports being a modern app (Progressive Web App or PWA), I’m all in! On deck today? Microsoft Planner. Microsoft has been promising a Windows 10 app …

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Regroove Announces Extended Free Navo Trial to Help Businesses Work Remotely

Organizations can use Navo to consolidate all organizational links into a single browser to ease stress of launching remote offices REGROOVE , innovators of cloud technology, is offering a free 30 day trial of  its new productivity efficiency app Navo, a first of its kind universal bookmark bar that provides links to the tools teams need to succeed.  Navo works with your existing Office 365 account and can be set …

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How to have multiple Microsoft Teams Windows

Microsoft Teams was already a big deal, prior to that whole worldwide virus thang. Now Teams is exploding in use for meetings, chats, collaborating on files over distance (i.e. from ‘sudden home offices’) and the drumbeat over the lack of multiple Microsoft Teams Windows (or instances, if you want to get technical) is getting louder. …

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Even more awesomer – “Navo in 3 Steps” video

This is too good not to share. As per the usual, Kyle and Kayla knocked it out of the park, explaining the amazing value Navo provides. Particularly at this time of a remote workforce feeling incredibly disconnected. We didn’t build Navo for a pandemic, we built it for the constant change that was happening anyways. …

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