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Even more awesomer – “Navo in 3 Steps” video

This is too good not to share. As per the usual, Kyle and Kayla knocked it out of the park, explaining the amazing value Navo provides. Particularly at this time of a remote workforce feeling incredibly disconnected. We didn’t build Navo for a pandemic, we built it for the constant change that was happening anyways. …

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Navo at Regroove – Idea Sparker

The other day, I created a walk through video of Navo to show a customer what Regroove‘s Menu system (our “Floating Intranet“) looks like today, as an “idea sparker”. Here we are in March 2020 in a world where likely 90% of us will be working from home on Monday (if we can – huge …

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Introducing Regroove “Tipsicles”

Wanna lick? Tipsicles will always be “short and sweet” videos related to technology and productivity, brought to you by Regroove Solutions Inc. In an effort to share more as part of a personal goal of living up to “Sharing is Caring”, my goal this year is to share as much as I can, as quickly …

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Connect the dots with your remote workforce in 3 steps

We built Navo to connect business teams to the tools, info and stuff that matters most, when they need it, regardless of platform. We didn’t build it for this moment, but the moment seems to have found us. Navo is free for 30 days and could help your suddenly disconnected team connect right now. So …

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Resources for Suddenly Working at Home

Well, we’re all stuck at home now, for the foreseeable future. It sucks … really sucks. And for a lot of people, working remotely from home is very new. So take it from us over at Regroove, being #CloudFirst was already in our DNA and we were already equipped – well, technology wise anyways. We …

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Training is Dead – Long Live Office 365 Productivity Coaching

Tired of taking an entire day off work to sit in an all-day training course? Sick of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars per person to attend a course? Frustrated that there’s no guarantee that learners will remember anything covered in a course? We feel the same way. That’s why Regroove doesn’t offer traditional training. …

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