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Meet Regroove

Kelly and the team wrote up a profile of Regroove last week for an organization that wanted a summary. They did such a great job, it would be a shame not to share it here … so I will. Regroove – Get into it. Stay with it. Regroove Solutions is a cloud-first “agent of change” …

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Navo “How To” Series for SharePoint, Teams and more

The team at Regroove has been furiously working away at creating what we code-named our “Tesla Video Series”, as a nod to the elegantly simple and straightforward videos they provide for learning about your new car – here’s an example for the Model 3. Check out our Navo How To Videos The tools you use …

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Warm up your tushy, in a Tesla – the coolest way possible

Sure, I could pull out my phone, open the Tesla app, and remotely adjust the temperature, every day, for every trip. However, I’d rather not spend my time poking at the screen like some plebeian commoner. I’m more than a moderately trained monkey with a nice car. 🙂 We’ve cracked the code, using the Microsoft …

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Kyle explains Navo in his own words

Kyle’s the new guy (and he’s awesome!). About 2 weeks into his time here at Regroove, I asked him how he would describe Navo. What he came back with was so elegantly simple and natural, I immediately gave him the task of putting together a list of equipment to buy on Amazon to build a …

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Do Better than Passwords in the Cloud

Do better with cloud. Be productive at work. Get into it. Stay with it. Sometimes I finish composing an email to someone and think… gosh, maybe others will benefit. So I’m sharing this one right here… Hey Mike,Good chatting with you this morning. Here’s a quick note as it was a timely discussion and …

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Important Change to Chrome Browser That May Break Stuff

Heads up friends… What If you start experiencing strange behaviour with websites you visit in Google Chrome or Edge Chromium, you’re not alone!  Google is changing the way websites and browser cookies work in version 80 of Google Chrome (rolling out now). This also impacts the new version of Edge Chromium. So What Websites you visit in these Internet browsers may not work as expected from …

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Navo App and Teams Layout Options at a Glance – Q1 2020

A friend and colleague of Regroove gave us some fair feedback today regarding the Navo Web App (and display in Teams). He pointed out that end users might not want the rounded grid display in the Navo app (and Microsoft Teams) if they have a large navigation set. And he’s right. What he didn’t know …

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Press Release – Regroove Releases First of its Kind Universal Bookmark Service to Increase Business Productivity

Organizations can use Navo to consolidate all organizational links, including SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, into a single experience Victoria, BC – January 28, 2020 – REGROOVE, innovators in cloud technology, has launched its new productivity efficiency app Navo, a first of its kind universal bookmark application that provides links to tools that teams need to succeed. …

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Meet Pear – Regroove’s Fictional Company

If you have ever attended Microsoft training in the past or worked with sample content while working within Microsoft systems, you are probably familiar with ‘Northwind Traders’, or “Contoso’. They have others of these ‘example’ or ‘fictional’ companies in fact (Volcano Coffee, World Wide Importers and Blue Yonder Airplines comes to mind). We wanted one …

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