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Big News! Navo is now in the Microsoft Teams Store

Super excited to share that Navo has now been approved and is included (and after a few days, now searchable) in the Microsoft AppSource (Teams Store). Our team has worked very hard to bring this to the market. Now you can take your Intranet with you everywhere – In Microsoft Teams, in SharePoint, on your …

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Regroove Videos Showcase

Sharing is caring. And we do a lot of caring at Regroove. We’re steadily building a catalogue of useful videos and content and you can discover it all at the link below. Click here for Regroove Videos And while you are at it, you might want to check out our: Regroove Blog Regroove Client Success …

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Navo Videos Showcase

I’m committed to sharing videos regularly to demonstrate the power of this tool we call Navo. We’re pretty proud of what we’ve made and its potential. This video showcase (gallery) will continue to grow in both scope and usefulness we hope. Click here to visit the Navo video gallery.

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Adding Navo to your iPhone Home Screen

Navo is a Progressive Web App (PWA) and can be easily added to the home screen of your iPhone (or iPad) so you can easily take your navigation on the go with you, as an App. In this video, we show how to add the app as a home screen icon on your iPhone (or …

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Introducing a new tool at Regroove – setting up for success

Regroove is relentlessly modernizing our customers, our community and ourselves. In a Cloud-first world, where we always strive to be using the best of breed tools – we identify a problem, find a fit and put it in place, complete with clear communications to ensure everyone benefits right away. This post is an example of …

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To change is difficult. Not to change is fatal.

Some days, helping others with change (modernization) will suck. They will resist, they will moan, they will bitch, they will forget why they started in the first place. But without changing, we (and they) aren’t going anywhere. We are agents of change. Get into it. Stay with it. REGROOVE.CA Why the crabs? We’re doing a …

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Protein Balls – For Busy People on the Go – In Victoria

WHAT I’m not one to sit still. I also like to align myself with people I admire and respect. In this case, I’ve aligned with my dear friend and personal trainer (or rather, “Energizer Bunny that regularly kicks my ass, along with her 19 foot tall ginger rugby playing boyfriend that likes Metal music a …

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Navo Explained

We think Navo is amazing and we are going to kick off 2020 showing everyone why and how. Microsoft Teams integration and extensions for the Chrome and Edge Chromium stores are coming very soon here now and we already have the most robust, simplest to deploy and flexible SharePoint Global Navigation that exists today for …

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Operation ‘Ho Ho Ho’ – Mission Accomplished

We did it. It wasn’t easy, not everyone yet gets it but we’re here and there is no going back. And zero regrets. Regroove set out at the start of this year with a strategy of completing the shift to a CloudFirst company with the payoff being closing for Christmas. From babysitting to making a …

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