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Live Stream for Business in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams is an amazing tool that brings people together for virtual meetings, but did you know that it’s also a great option for broadcasting to a wider audience? Here at Regroove, we’ve been working with Teams since the very beginning (and frankly a decade before that as our underlying expertise was already based in …

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Regroove Opportunity – Co-op Student (Developer)

Who we are: Regroove Solutions Inc (Regroove) is a cloud first technology consulting company with a strong focus on helping teams design and develop custom solutions and harness Microsoft technologies to run more effective businesses. Learning is a huge part of our culture, which makes Regroove a great place to do a co-op term. We …

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Modernize your Office Files. You won’t thank me later.

WHAT Here we go again (I thought this was behind us … but alas, it is most certainly not). Teams is hot. SharePoint is back and folks are throwing their Word, Excel and PowerPoint files (modern or not) into Teams because everyone is stuck at home and embracing (rapidly), the “Cloud”). Key Message: Make sure …

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Navo – The Company Directory for the Connected Workplace

Shouldn’t technology make business simpler? We think it should. To our whole team at Regroove, this concept seems fundamental. If technology is eating up time rather than saving it, then where exactly is the benefit to it? At what point is enough enough? It may shock you to learn that many employees spend upwards of …

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How to use OneDrive for Business like an FTP for File Requests

The “Request Files” functionality within Microsoft 365’s OneDrive for Business is still relatively undiscovered, but we think is SUPER helpful! In this video, I demonstrate how to setup a simple and secure FTP type folder to request files from others straight into your OneDrive for Business. With a simple link, folks can send you any …

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Navo profiled on GizmoEditor

Well that’s pretty cool. Navo got profiled on #gizmoeditor this weekend. I like how Ric explained the value our product provides, including pointing out just how much things have changed and accelerated with recent events. Check out his thoughts here!

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Don’t mind me. For 25+ years, my parents have struggled to describe what it is we (at Regroove) and I, do. I’m hoping we may have boiled this down to what matters. Sean Wallbridge, Chief Troublemaker, Regroove Solutions. Regroove Solutions is a team of cloud-first “agents of change” located in beautiful Victoria, BC Canada, focusing …

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Regroove in a Nutshell

DO BETTER WITH CLOUD. BE PRODUCTIVE AT WORK. Regroove Solutions is a team of cloud-first “agents of change” located in beautiful Victoria, BC Canada, focusing on revolutionizing the way your business works. Regroove delivers coaching and consulting on digital transformation, modern workplace productivity, and process automation. The talented Regroove service delivery team helps organizations of …

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