How to find receipts for the Tesla Premium Package to keep your Accountant or Bookkeeper happy


Look, this is a first world problem … but it was a legitimate pain and it took a phone call and some sleuthing. So, I’m going to assume I’ll help someone else with this little video.

The issue is that Tesla now has a “Premium Connectivity Package” that provides things like the use of Caraoke, live traffic visualizations, video streaming and the Internet browser without needing Wi-Fi or hotspotting to your mobile phone. Think of it as a Netflix subscription for your car.

So What

If you run a business and have the car registered/insured with it, your bookkeeper is going to ask about those pesky monthly charges you are incurring and to produce receipts for it.

The big problem is, finding those receipts is not where you’d expect to find them. In “history”? Nope. In “account”? Nope. Instead you need to go in to manage your car and then buried at the top of the screen is a subtle ‘details’ window. Within there, you’ll find your “subscriptions” and below that, a “receipt”.

Ugh. Nowhere near as intuitive as the beautiful touch screen on the Model 3 or Y.

Now What

I made a little video to help you find the settings to save you the hassle and time it took me to find it. I can’t be the only one.

In fact, if you are feeling particularly grateful, buy me a drink. ?

How to find your Tesla Premium Connectivity Receipts