Elaborate Intranet home page or beautiful search experience?

Does your company need an elaborate Intranet home page or do you just give people what they want? Search…

While the day to day work for modern #cloudfirst businesses is trending towards #MicrosoftTeams, not all of your content exists there (particularly if it wasn’t born there – it may live in old SharePoint Team Sites, Communication Sites and elsewhere).

So many times I have found that organizations spend far too much time thinking about what goes on the “home page”. What rolls up, where that content comes from, etc. All in an effort to make the Intranet “interesting” so people go there and use it. I say give the people what they want … search. Make rich content, make it accessible via your Intranet navigation (psst, I heard NAVO is a little bit awesome in this scenario), but just get it out there and get stuff done.

In this video, I share our beautiful photo rotating search home page and pose the question – perhaps Search should be your home page?

Search Home Page in SharePoint for the win … with style