Microsoft Planner as a Windows 10 App – It’s kind of a thing

What can I say? I’m smitten with Chromium apps these days. From LinkedIn, to Twitter, Facebook and of course, Navo, which we created here at Regroove. If a website supports being a modern app (Progressive Web App or PWA), I’m all in!

On deck today? Microsoft Planner. Microsoft has been promising a Windows 10 app for some time, and like Teams, it is sure looking like it will be wrapped in “Electron” vs being a native Windows 10 app (whatever that is, these days…).

Opening Planner feels most natural inside Microsoft Teams but there are also limitations like squeezing for space or the fact you can’t upload and link a file (you can in Planner, you can’t when Planner is embedded in Teams … LAME … sauce).

Anyways, I took a moment to share how one would “install” Microsoft Planner as a Windows 10 App so it can feel as good as it looks, until Microsoft makes it official … assuming they still have plans to do so.

Microsoft Planner as a Windows 10 App? Yes Please…

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