Introducing Regroove “Tipsicles”

Wanna lick?

Tipsicles will always be “short and sweet” videos related to technology and productivity, brought to you by Regroove Solutions Inc. In an effort to share more as part of a personal goal of living up to “Sharing is Caring”, my goal this year is to share as much as I can, as quickly as a I can, as clearly as I can … and that means video. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then video is worth … more?

I’ve challenged myself to try and produce a “tipsicle” daily, if not several times weekly, until I run out of content.

On YouTube

Here’s where you can find the tipsicles on YouTube: Regroove YouTube Tipsicles

On Vimeo

And because I don’t trust Google or YouTube to do anything right (or frankly, ethically … don’t get me started on their BS and cute primary colours…), the main copy of our videos ALWAYS starts in Vimeo where I pay for the privilege to keep a reliable copy. (/rant-over).

So, here’s where you can find our tipsicles on Vimeo: Regroove Vimeo Tipsicles

In the meantime… and to hold myself accountable.

I’ve created a few to start … but my goal is to keep this going. Let’s see how this turns out, shall we?

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