Electronic Forms – Meet our Vendor Payment Direct Deposit Authorization Form

What’s the dealio?

During this crazy Covid-19 time we decided to double down on going completely electronic. Don’t get me wrong, we were VERY #CLOUDFIRST already. But with cheques and vendor payments, we had a tendency to lean towards vendor and customer tendencies. Well, that time is over and is going to stay that way. Between waiting to be paid (the post office), paying for stamps, exchanging and touching paper and pens (and transmitting nasty things) and then still having manual paper shuffling, this was the moment to close the last loops.

This week it was the method for how we got Vendor Payment Direct Authorizations (i.e. their bank info, authorization via signature, etc.).

Done. Dusted.

Here’s a walk-through of the form and our setup

The Form

  • Captures all the details we need to pay vendors (touch-less – no paper, just get it and process it)
  • Captures the written signature (thank you Sintel!)
  • And places it beautifully inside a SharePoint list where we can process it. Awesome!
This public facing form captures the goods!

The List and SharePoint

  • The form places the details where we then process it (add as a last step, add the vendor info to our online banking)
Naturally, we find the results (the list) in Navo
View and process the results in SharePoint

Isn’t it your duty to be more professional?

Heh heh, you just said doody…

Sure, while I’m way more casual than some, our own Kelly helped create one of our “success stories” so you can consume this information in a more readable manner. You can find our electronic forms success story here.

Check out our “Expedite Digital Payments” success story.

Kyle even got in on the act

Kyle explains how Regroove can help you Get Into It (the cloud and electronic forms) and Stay With It.

Contact Us – We can build the same (or other forms) for you!

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