Live Stream for Business in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams is an amazing tool that brings people together for virtual meetings, but did you know that it’s also a great option for broadcasting to a wider audience?

Here at Regroove, we’ve been working with Teams since the very beginning (and frankly a decade before that as our underlying expertise was already based in SharePoint, Skype for Business, Exchange and the rest of the goodies in Microsoft 365).

And while Teams Live Events was already starting to blossom pre-Covid, since this new age of working apart, Teams Live Streaming is becoming a big part of what customers are asking us to help them put into place. And while the technology itself is greatly simplified, there are so many aspects involved in preparing for and running a successful event, that many organizations are now relying on our expertise, some of them also looking to use it as an opportunity to leave behind expensive and cumbersome legacy solutions that cost a fortune and underwhelm these days.

This week we released a few things to help organizations find their way. Check ’em out!

Producing a Livestream Event with Microsoft Teams (Blog)

In this article, Kyle takes the reader through the steps it takes to produce a successful live event. Check it out:

Live Stream Your Events (Video)

Kyle explains how you can live stream your events