I made a pitch to Weird Al’s camp but they didn’t go for it

Bummer. But I get it.


We here at Regroove have made a fun, interactive Bingo game service called Rockstar Bingo that combines music so that folks can interact and connect. Why? Why not? Gotta do something during Covid. ?

We’re using it already every Thursday night to power “Rockstar Nights” which is a weekly event combining a Live Band with Bingo, for free, so that we can stay sharp, hang out and build an audience that we hope continues to grow once we return to playing live.

Live Band Bingo with SuperSauce – Every Thursday at 8pm (PST) – rockstarnights.ca

So What

Next up was to see if other bands might be interested. I’d think a band like Weezer might be interested as they do a lot to interact with their fans, have to be aching to play and connect and just seem like fun folks. But I don’t know how to contact them, so that idea just sits idle here.

However, I was able to track down some contact information for Weird Al Yankovic who I thought might be interested. This is a guy with a huge catalog, loves to entertain and I even thought with his polka party tracks that grace every album he puts out, that it would be perfect for some ‘live band speed rounds’. So I pitched his manager last night with the following video.

My pitch to the Al team – landed like a tonne of bricks LOL

Now What

Well, they didn’t go for it. That’s okay. They were very polite about it and really I approached it simply as “if you don’t ask, you’ll never know?”. That’s the beautiful thing about choice. And now I know.

In the end, I decided to share the pitch here because there was nothing personal about it and maybe there are other bands that would like to use/pay for our service (hit me up for insider pricing) to break out online or for the future, when we return to normal and they want to break into their local bar with a fresh concept as that is our long game anyways.

So there you have it. Al didn’t go for it. But maybe someone else will? The universe is an interesting place and this idea is pretty neat … and at least something to do, to keep from going stir crazy.