Get your “Early Access” to the Logo Repo

Our team at Regroove is relentlessly focused on helping our clients transform their businesses using technology. We’re always on the lookout for tools and services that help teams be more productive and collaborative. When something doesn’t exist, we’re not afraid to go out and change that. In fact, our first SaaS product (Navo) was developed to help businesses organize and find their tools and resources.  

Within our own organization, we found staff that needed quick access to a logo or marketing asset were constantly going to our Graphic Designer for help. While it’s easy for him to resize these graphics, it costs his valuable time and creates a bottleneck that further delays marketing initiatives. This scenario keeps increasing as more and more online scenarios emerge as we work hard to best represent our brand(s). 

To solve this problem internally, we developed a place to get logos resized properly – Self-Service style. No more bothering the designer, finding a logo from Google, or using an old or grainy copy that goes against branding standards and works against our brand recognition strategies. We can even provide a link to our partners or vendors so they can easily grab and use approved logos in whatever size they need! See for yourself, our brands are shared right here:  

The Offer

Sound like something you could use? Let’s chat! We’re offering early access pricing for organizations that want to try it out and give us some feedback.  

Logo Repo – The self-service logo library. We help employees adhere to the corporate identity policy by making it quick and easy to access good quality and properly formatted company logos whenever needed.