Regroove Opportunity – Co-op Student (Developer)

Who we are:

Regroove Solutions Inc (Regroove) is a cloud first technology consulting company with a strong focus on helping teams design and develop custom solutions and harness Microsoft technologies to run more effective businesses.

Learning is a huge part of our culture, which makes Regroove a great place to do a co-op term. We encourage our team members to develop skills outside of their typical roles wherever they find opportunities that interest them. Because of a shared “always a student” mindset, our consultants are just as excited to learn from our junior staff and co-op students as they are to provide guidance and mentorship. We welcome fresh perspectives and recognize that where experience may lack, aptitude and enthusiasm can make up the difference. We don’t expect anyone to know the answer to everything, understand that humans make mistakes, and strive to reframe shortcomings as opportunities to learn.

Our co-op students gain valuable real-world experience during their time with us. Application of technical knowledge is part of the job; ideally, co-op students will complete their term with us having gained critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills, and the confidence to tackle challenges beyond the scope of what they were taught in school. The ability to collaborate within a team, ask insightful questions that give you the information you need to meet client requirements, and communicate with non-technical stakeholders in terms they can understand is paramount for our business and will make you a valuable asset as you enter the workforce.

Each of our students have won placements in full-time roles shortly after ending their co-op terms at Regroove. Though we realize that most of you hope to get a variety of career experiences over the years to come, we value our co-op students as part of the team and often wish they could stay. One of our co-op students was part of our team for nearly four years before landing a role as an electrical engineer (the role they got a degree for, so we can’t really blame them for moving on). We wish the best for our Regroove “alumni” and love when we get the opportunity to catch up on what they’ve been up to since working with us. Former staff members and co-op students have even crashed our company Jackbox Games nights as special guests, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Who you are:

We’re looking for someone that loves to learn on the fly. Our ideal candidate will have a passion for technology, paired with a solid working knowledge of development systems.

Ideally, you enjoy engaging in a variety of end-to-end projects. You thrive on creating custom solutions based on business and technical requirements. You like working with clients to help them drive engagement with technology and appreciate the positive impact modern technology can have on their daily work.

You are the type of person who constantly stays up to date on disruptive, breakthrough technology, and changing industry processes. You don’t mind “wearing multiple hats” and enjoy variety in your projects and responsibilities. You think critically about problems, always questioning how something can be done better with the goal of working smarter, not harder.

Motivated by meaningful work, you are looking for more than just a co-op position; you want to work for a dynamic, growing company that is passionate about empowering people and businesses through technology. You want to do the right thing, and to do the thing right; at the same time, you aren’t afraid to ask questions about what you don’t know and admit when you might be wrong.

If this opportunity sounds like a position you would be excited about, but you don’t meet our requirements for experience and education, we would still like to meet you. We recognize the value of emotional intelligence and aptitude and are willing to invest in developing the skills of people who possess those qualities.

What your role will include:

This co-op student role at Regroove focuses on application development, with some Microsoft 365 consulting and website development mixed in to keep things interesting. Working together with our account managers, project managers, and technical team, the co-op student is intimately involved with all aspects of internal and client projects and is treated like a regular member of the team in every way.

The co-op student, like any employee, will go through two weeks of orientation, and will then be assigned to a handful of internal and client projects. Each day, the student will organize their own day, determine what their priorities are, and check in with the team. They are responsible for managing their own time and getting project work done on time and at a high standard. They will work closely with their supervisor and with the project teams to ensure all of their questions are answered and knowledge transfer happens regularly. We work hard and have a lot of fun at the same time!

Your work will be broken down into the following areas:

  1. Application development – 60%
  2. Microsoft 365 consulting – 30%
  3. Website development – 5%
  4. Administration and professional development – 5%

Application development

  • Create wireframes and prototypes using the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Collaborate on web application projects using Azure DevOps for source control.
  • Write testing scripts for quality assurance.
  • Work on all aspects of our SaaS product, Navo, including:
    • Front end development using TypeScript, React, Angular, CI/CD pipelines and custom NPM modules.
    • Back end development using NodeJS, Gulp, Azure Cosmos Db, Stripe, and Firebase.
    • Maintenance of internal documentation and Navo’s customer-facing knowledge base.
  • Develop with respect to best practices for documentation, testing, and architecture.
  • Identify opportunities to improve existing development practices.             
  • Plan, build, and implement internal applications end-to-end (supported by our team).

Microsoft 365 consulting

  • Design and develop software solutions for Microsoft products with tools including SharePoint Framework, Microsoft Bot Framework, and Microsoft Graph API.
  • Design and develop business solutions using the Microsoft Power Platform, including Power Apps, Power Automate Flow, and Power BI.
  • Assist with information architecture and file management.
  • Think through business problems critically and propose technological solutions to meet stakeholder requirements.
  • Provide coaching to clients to ensure they are comfortable using the solutions that we implement for them.

Website development

  • Configure domain registrations.
  • Set up and deploy websites using the WordPress CMS.
  • Configure ecommerce websites using the Shopify platform.
  • Build or customize WordPress themes using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and (very light) PHP.
  • Manage WordPress websites using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
  • Implement website-building tools to create sites that are easily maintainable by power users.
  • Update existing website plugins and other functionality.
  • Identify opportunities to improve existing client websites.


  • Assist with internal marketing tasks including researching information, creating graphics, and writing publishable content.
  • Set up and maintain forms and processes to automate data entry.
  • Provide developmental and technical support for the rest of the team.
  • Post a quick summary of what you plan to work on, any roadblocks or questions that you have, and anything that may affect your availability (e.g. leaving for a doctor’s appointment and working late to make up the time) every morning in our daily company-wide check-in thread posted in Microsoft Teams.
  • Track time as work is performed, including detailed notes to provide clients an understanding of where time and money are spent.
  • Manage time and tasks by estimating hours spent on each project, including internal projects, a week in advance.
  • Attend weekly meetings with other technical staff to:
    • Review forecasted time for the week ahead.
    • Share personal victories and lessons learned.
  • Professional development, including but not limited to:
    • Learn and use new business tools, with a strong focus on the Microsoft 365 platform.
    • Participate in Microsoft 365 User Groups to learn from and stay up to date with advancements in the community.
    • Explore and implement new tools, libraries, and frameworks throughout the term.
    • Challenge skills by completing tasks assigned by project managers and supervisors.

Other duties as assigned/required (don’t worry, we’d never assign you a task we wouldn’t do ourselves!)

Qualifications – required

  • Ability to listen and understand requirements and convert them into technical objectives. Bonus if you can “read between the lines” and ask clarifying questions when direction is unclear.
  • Willingness and commitment to take ownership of tasks, establish and communicate realistic timelines, and follow through on commitments.
  • Ability to work independently with a degree of initiative.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage competing priorities.
  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Humility to recognize mistakes as learning opportunities and ask for help when needed.
  • Courage to speak up when you disagree with an approach or when a request is unrealistic.
  • Tact to diplomatically work through conflict.
  • Willingness to learn and grow your skills.
  • Drive to leave things better than you found them.
  • Empathy for the people that you solve problems for.

Qualifications – “nice to have”

  • Experience with development, including:
  • Web application development
  • Web service development
  • UX and UI implementation
  • HTML (HTML 5 an asset)
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • CSS skills (CSS3 an asset)
  • React or AngularJS
  • NodeJS and NPM
  • Modern development patterns (MVC) and other web application frameworks
  • Source control and agile development
  • Experience working with the Microsoft 365 Suite (e.g. Outlook, SharePoint, Teams).
  • Experience with graphic design experience and/or experience with the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Experience with content management systems (e.g. WordPress, Shopify).
  • Experience in a consulting, business-facing, or related interactive role.
  • Comfort in working with both technical and business-focused teams.
  • A good sense of humour, including the ability to find quality memes and GIFs and explain youth culture to older demographics in uncondescending terms.

Why work with us?

Our strength is our team. No one person can know it all. You don’t need to know all the answers, as long as you aren’t afraid to ask questions and keep an open mind. We support each other, learn from each other, and have a great time doing it.

  • You can build a career – learn from a strong team and gain experience with client challenges. We want someone to grow with.
  • You’ll be making a difference – we are passionate about getting organizations working smoothly, while supporting our community the best way we can.

Personal perks include:

  • Flexibility to accommodate personal appointments during work hours
  • Quality office furniture including quality standing desks, large monitors and other workstation tools specifically selected to reduce back and body strain
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Four Office 365 software licenses for home and personal devices
  • The option to work remotely or in Brentwood Bay at Regroove Studios
  • At the Brentwood Bay office, you have access to:
    • Secure bike storage, showers, and laundry
    • Lots of natural light
    • Lounge area with 84” TV screen
    • Sonos speakers
    • Fully stocked kitchen
    • Free parking
    • Soda and other carbonated beverages
    • All the coffee you can drink!
  • A fun work environment (weekday games, etc.)

We’re good at what we do. And that means we can have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.

We deliver on cool ideas and unique projects with clients who align with our values. We are proud of our culture of equality – it doesn’t matter what your role is or how senior/experienced you are, your ideas, knowledge, and input are valued. Each of us has expertise to offer.

So, let’s connect, have a chat, and see if there is a fit.


  • Location: Online/remote and in-person at Brentwood Bay office
  • Salary: $17.00 per hour
  • Term: Temporary, full-time (37.5 hours/week)
  • Dates: Sept 14, 2020 – Dec 18, 2020 (with possibility of extension for additional term(s))
  • Start: ASAP

How to apply:

  • Deadline to apply: Sunday, August 30 at 11:00 PM
  • Please submit your resume and a cover letter in PDF format
  • Please indicate the position you are applying for in the cover letter and email subject line
  • Send email attachments to: [email protected]