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Solution for “too large for the destination file system”

I was helping a dear friend today with a peculiar problem. A file was stuck in her Pictures folder in Windows 10 (it was a screenshot she had taken at one point – a small picture). It was 26kb in size (so really small) but she could not delete it. On attempted deletes (and I …

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Fix for failing to create a plan in Microsoft Teams

I’ve run into this a few times and it is frustrating so I’m sure others must be as well. WHAT When trying to create a new Planner “Plan” in Microsoft Teams, you might be unable to getting the error “We couldn’t save your tab settings. Please try again”. You’ll also likely fine that if you …

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I made a pitch to Weird Al’s camp but they didn’t go for it

Bummer. But I get it. What We here at Regroove have made a fun, interactive Bingo game service called Rockstar Bingo that combines music so that folks can interact and connect. Why? Why not? Gotta do something during Covid. ? We’re using it already every Thursday night to power “Rockstar Nights” which is a weekly …

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Get your “Early Access” to the Logo Repo

Our team at Regroove is relentlessly focused on helping our clients transform their businesses using technology. We’re always on the lookout for tools and services that help teams be more productive and collaborative. When something doesn’t exist, we’re not afraid to go out and change that. In fact, our first SaaS product (Navo) was developed to help businesses organize and …

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This copy is going on to the About page of the Regroove website shortly, but I couldn’t wait to share it because I know I’ll regularly want to refer to it. Why move your business to the cloud? Are you still storing files on your desktop? Is your C drive bursting at capacity? Are your …

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Live Stream for Business in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams is an amazing tool that brings people together for virtual meetings, but did you know that it’s also a great option for broadcasting to a wider audience? Here at Regroove, we’ve been working with Teams since the very beginning (and frankly a decade before that as our underlying expertise was already based in …

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Regroove Opportunity – Co-op Student (Developer)

Who we are: Regroove Solutions Inc (Regroove) is a cloud first technology consulting company with a strong focus on helping teams design and develop custom solutions and harness Microsoft technologies to run more effective businesses. Learning is a huge part of our culture, which makes Regroove a great place to do a co-op term. We …

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Modernize your Office Files. You won’t thank me later.

WHAT Here we go again (I thought this was behind us … but alas, it is most certainly not). Teams is hot. SharePoint is back and folks are throwing their Word, Excel and PowerPoint files (modern or not) into Teams because everyone is stuck at home and embracing (rapidly), the “Cloud”). Key Message: Make sure …

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