What the Teams are you talking about?

Have you recently found yourself in a conversation where you were left shaking your head while wondering what the Teams your coworkers are talking about? Then this is the blog post for you!

There are a lot of uses of the word “team”. We’re here to bring some clarity to which version of the word they are likely using.

Hypothetical scenario:

Your coworker: “My teammates likes to work in the HR and Go teams in Teams to collaborate. Microsoft Teams is their favourite new app! What is your favourite team to use?” ?

You: I like… the Seahawks?

If this sounds like you, here’s a handy little table to help define the “101” ways people use variations of the word “team” these days:

Microsoft Teamsthe application created by Microsoft
Teamsthe app inside the application that allows you to access your teams
teamstwo or more groups within the app
teama group within the app
teammatesa group of people you work with

Hope that helps at the very least give you a chuckle for the day.