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Being Me

A little while back my friend Tom Hudock asked me to be part of a video series his company (Re[influence] Marketing) was putting together. This is what he sent me… “The video series I’m starting is to share real, authentic people and their stories. I believe more and more viewers don’t want the polished figures, …

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Clove Oil. Like flipping a switch for dry socket pain

Yep, this isn’t a post about SharePoint. But as I (again) ran into someone suffering from extreme pain from dry socket after having their wisdom teeth out, it occurred to me that if the dental surgeons and dentists aren’t telling you how to relieve pain (that for me lasted 3 weeks several years ago), that …

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If you are at all interested in what makes me tick

I guess my last few posts have been more personal in nature.  Hang in there, we’ll return to our usual SharePoint programming shortly… This post is about sharing with you a family tradition my mother started with the arrival of the first grandchild (Malcolm). Since then, there have been several (8 actually, including Wyatt’s today).  …

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Yep, I switched up my blog

Gasp! Your blog isn’t based on SharePoint anymore? Yep. But keep your shirt on. I haven’t found a new lover. I LOVE working with SharePoint. But sometimes, the Internet prefers to work with others. Basically, I made the switch because: SharePoint can be expensive to license for the Internet SharePoint is HUGE and can sometimes …

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