Yep, I switched up my blog

Gasp! Your blog isn’t based on SharePoint anymore?

Yep. But keep your shirt on. I haven’t found a new lover. I LOVE working with SharePoint. But sometimes, the Internet prefers to work with others. Basically, I made the switch because:

  1. SharePoint can be expensive to license for the Internet
  2. SharePoint is HUGE and can sometimes be difficult to be ‘nimble’. I found I was investing a lot of time in SEO widgets for SharePoint when a tool like WordPress has it baked inside
  3. It was an opportunity for me to learn to use (again) WordPress. I had a WordPress blog years ago but found it cumbersome then, but not so much now
  4. Even Microsoft is using/endorsing the use of WordPress in their Live platform

So, this blog is ABOUT SharePoint but isn’t built on SharePoint anymore. I might change my mind (again) one day but for now, keep your shirt (and pants) on.

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