Clove Oil. Like flipping a switch for dry socket pain

Yep, this isn’t a post about SharePoint. But as I (again) ran into someone suffering from extreme pain from dry socket after having their wisdom teeth out, it occurred to me that if the dental surgeons and dentists aren’t telling you how to relieve pain (that for me lasted 3 weeks several years ago), that maybe you will stumble across this post, zip out to your local pharmacy and get some Clove Oil.

So, let’s do the “what’s”…

Got dry socket? Got extreme, lightning bolt shooting pain in your head following a dental procedure? Got a dick head Dentist that says “come in and I can put some cotton in the wholes to provide some relief”? (From what I’ve heard, they simply put clove oil in the sockets, but you need an appointment and you need to keep going back – otherwise known as the “Ca-Ching” model).

So What
Dry socket is awful. I know, but there is a quick remedy for it. Clove Oil.

Now What
Go to your pharmacy. Ask for Clove Oil. Put some on a q-tip and dab it in the pain areas. Honestly, it is like a flipping a lightswitch for the pain. It really works, very fast.

You will want to try and avoid getting it on your lips. It doesn’t hurt but it does numb them. Though I kinda liked it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I still keep clove oil around, just in case I have a little dental problem. I can’t stand that pain, so having it nearby until I can see the Dentist is a good idea.

There. Public service done. I hope this helps someone.