TONIGHT!! Comedy and Rock Show–February 2nd :: Crap, I’m going to be 40!

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It’s tonight. Thanks in advance to my band mates and other musician friends for sparing their evening and to all my friends for their support.  And to Jason Lamb and Graham Clark for what will be no doubt, a great night.

Crap, I’m turning 40

Hey folks, Sean from itgroove here.  My wife asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and after a brief ponder, it occurred to me that I love to play live music with my band mates, I enjoy a good comedy show and I like sharing a drink with friends. So I decided to throw my own party where I combined all three. On February 2nd at Touch, my friend Jason Lamb will be MC’ing an event that features my band SuperSauce and my favourite comedian from Vancouver, Graham Clark. At $10, that’s a kick ass show. Once all my expenses are covered, any remaining money will be donated to a cause of my choosing.

Hope to see you there.

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Ticket Info: Get Tickets Here