Being Me

A little while back my friend Tom Hudock asked me to be part of a video series his company (Re[influence] Marketing) was putting together. This is what he sent me…

“The video series I’m starting is to share real, authentic people and their stories. I believe more and more viewers don’t want the polished figures, and would prefer to see the real person. I think you are one of those authentic people, if you’re willing to share yourself.”

Anyways, after trying exhaustively to convince him he had the wrong guy, I gave in and we spent a good hour or two chatting and the result was this 90 second video on “#BeingMe“.

I’m flattered to have been included with some of the other people before me in this series and I’m curious to see who’s up next.

The series can be found here: #BeingMe Series

Or just me: Sean Wallbridge, #BeingMe