Rockland Scientific

Migrating to Microsoft 365 From Google and On-Prem Servers

Rockland Scientific is a scientific company in Victoria, BC that manufactures instruments to better understand climate change through turbulence.


Rockland Scientific wanted all their organization’s data to be accessible from a single location, as opposed to the mix of data they have stored in Google Drive and on-prem file servers. They were creating a lot of documents and Google wasn’t a suitable place for the organization of these documents.

The transition ideally involved increased security that could leverage single sign-on and a reduction of administrative overhead.

Like many modern companies, Rockland Scientific wanted to implement a solution that integrated and provided inclusivity for its remote workers while also increasing collaboration across the organization. Since the company was hiring more remote workers, they were trying to improve systems company-wide.

Some specific challenges that Rockland Scientific found with Google Workspace were:

  • Google Drive syncing issues
  • Web Form issues
  • Internal servers didn’t mix well with Google Workspace
  • Time wasted looking for documents


Regroove implemented a Microsoft 365 tenancy that was set up to provide a single platform for Rockland Scientific. Microsoft 365 would act as a modern business tool, as well as enhancing collaboration in the workplace.

To move to Microsoft 365, data was migrated from Google Drive and the on-prem server to SharePoint and Microsoft Teams in the Microsoft 365 environment. This new environment makes it easy for workers to collaborate on documents and projects, regardless of whether they work remotely or on-site.

To increase security across Rockland Scientific, user devices were configured as managed devices, which provides an additional security layer to mitigate risk to company assets and to secure user identities. This increased security came in the form of single sign-on, which means users have to complete additional authentication before accessing company areas.

This solution was ideal for Rockland because it was important to have a platform that supported a mixture of Mac and Windows operating systems.

This solution was built using:

  • Microsoft 365 Apps
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Azure Multifactor Authentication
  • Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

Outcome and Benefits

A migration to Microsoft 365 offered many benefits to Rockland Scientific, including:

  • One centralized hub to manage users and company assets.
  • Increased security using single sign-on and a range of device management policies to suit their customized setup.
  • Increased collaboration across the company, regardless of remote or on-site positions.
  • Fewer administrative overheads to manage productivity tools, users, and devices.

The project was very successful. We were very lucky with the timing and COVID-19.

JP Juteau – Senior Software Developer


Rockland Scientific was looking for a solution that would have all files and company data stored in one location and they found that Microsoft 365 went above and beyond. Along with the data storage benefit came increased security, collaboration, and fewer administrative overheads. Migrating to Microsoft 365 offers a diverse range of customizable benefits, and this was a solution that particularly suited Rockland Scientific.

How can you migrate to Microsoft 365?

If you are looking to migrate to Microsoft 365, or simply want to look at options that can increase security, collaboration, and data access across your organization, get in touch! There are many reasons to choose Microsoft 365 over Google Workspace and we are happy to chat through how these benefits may impact you. At Regroove, we aim to find a custom solution that works for each individual client and benefits them in the ways that they work.