Total Compensation Solutions

Microsoft 365 and Managed Devices for Secure Remote Work

Total Compensation Solutions is an independent human resources consulting firm dedicated to applied research and assisting clients achieve their strategic compensation objectives.

Total Compensation Solutions is a boutique compensation consulting firm, supporting a range of clients from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Regroove implemented Microsoft 365 solutions and set up managed devices to facilitate easier connectivity and effective remote collaboration. 


Total Compensation Solutions had an on-premises server that was coming to its end of life. This system was slow and impacting their daily work functions. At the same time, they wanted to explore more efficient server access options from outside of the office as they were using remote tools to log onto their on-premises server. This was motivated by both pandemic-related restrictions and a general desire to be able to work from anywhere. 


Regroove assessed the client’s internal environment and their desire for work-from-anywhere flexibility and recommended that Total Compensation Solutions implement Microsoft 365 and specifically SharePoint Online, removing the need to remote access an on-premises server. Regroove also recommended configuring managed devices so the client could provide employees with the tools to work remotely while also protecting their corporate data. 

Outcome and Benefits

Since the implementation of SharePoint Online, Total Compensation Solutions has noticed a significant improvement in their team’s ability to collaborate in real-time. While there was a bit of a learning curve, their team is now able to work from outside of the office while also experiencing easier connectivity and a 30% increase in productivity.  

Using pre-configured and managed devices has made this transition much easier. When new staff come on board, everything they need is already on their device. In the past, Total Compensation Solutions experienced issues with software on their devices but, with managed devices, it is now “plug and play”. Users simply sign into their account and start working. At the same time, the company benefits from the security of being able to remotely access and wipe their managed devices, should they become damaged or lost. Their security and confidentiality requirements are protected. 

“Plug and play – users can just sign into their account and start working.”

Matt Leach, Total Compensation Solutions


Regroove was able to migrate Total Compensation Solutions from their on-premises server into a Microsoft 365 tenancy, enabling them to improve their remote work capabilities and improve their collaboration and productivity. By configuring managed devices, their staff team has everything they need to work effectively outside of the office, while Total Compensation Solutions maintains security and confidentiality over their sensitive corporate data. 

This solution was built using:

  • Microsoft 365 
  • SharePoint Online 
  • Endpoint and Azure 

How to Implement Microsoft 365 and Managed Devices for Remote Work

Are you looking to make improve your remote access? Do you want to support a work-from-anywhere policy while also maintaining strict company security and confidentiality? It may benefit your organization to implement Microsoft 365 solutions and configure managed devices for your team. With the ability to access your corporate work environment from anywhere, on secure devices that are fully set up with required tools, your productivity and collaboration can be significantly increased. 

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