Improving Security Using Multifactor Authentication

The Greater Victoria Housing Society provides affordable rental housing for seniors, adults with disabilities, families, working singles and couples in the Greater Victoria area

Greater Victoria Housing Society (GVHS) is a not-for-profit that owns and manages low-income properties across Greater Victoria, British Columbia. They provide affordable rental housing for seniors, adults with disabilities, and working people in the Greater Victoria region.


GVHS wanted to increase their security linked to internal technologies, including email accounts. They had previously experienced email hacking, and as a company that values the importance of security, GVHS wanted to improve their security as much as possible to prevent any future issues.  

Working remotely brought the lack of security to light, and GVHS chose Regroove as technology security specialists to work on a security solution. Specifically, the work focused on implementing multifactor authentication (MFA).   

What is MFA? Learn more about MFA and how it works in our video below!  


After a spot security check of their tenancy, Regroove identified the lack of multifactor authentication (MFA) across their technical solutions. 

Regroove suggested MFA would be an excellent way to increase the security at GVHS. Not only would this increase internal security, but it satisfied the security concerns of organizational partners. 

Regroove setup MFA for all users at GVHS. While cell phones were the preferred method of MFA, Regroove also helped GVHS purchase and configure Token2 tokens that could be used in lieu of a personal cell phone to ensure that everyone could successfully employ MFA.  

After rolling out MFA remotely, the lead technical consultant from Regroove went onsite to help finalize the setup of MFA at GVHS. This included setup and demonstrations of how to use the Authenticator app and tokens so that everyone was comfortable using MFA. 

You can read more about the technical setup of MFA with Office 365 and Azure in Steph’s blog.

Outcome and Benefits

The biggest benefit of implementing MFA at GVHS was improved security. Security improved across all areas within GVHS’s technological ecosystem as a result of MFA. 

Where using the app was not feasible, user adoption for MFA was made possible through the ability to use hardware tokens. This comes into use when a worker doesn’t have a cell phone or does not want to use it for authentication. The tokens are ordered individually and allow workers to participate in the corporate-wide implementation of MFA. 

Getting hacked is a costly experience. The resulting loss of data and the cost to fix email hacks puts a company under high stress. Ensuring that MFA is securing email accounts means less time and money spent on security in the long run. 

Regroove will continue to support GVHA via quarterly security reviews, where security settings will be assessed, monitored, and adjusted as needed.


In a short period of time, Regroove managed to increase security at GVHS via MFA. MFA is a great solution for all businesses and offers a level of security that you should be operating at to stay secure and minimize the risk of data breaches.  

This solution was built using:   

  • MFA Hardware Tokens 
  • Authenticator App 

How Can Regroove Help You Implement MFA?

MFA is an easy-to-use security solution available to all companies. We can work alongside you to implement MFA and increase security at your business. 

Be sure to contact us today to find out how we can get you set up and leave you with improved security using multifactor authentication.