Pearson College UWC

Emergency Implementation of Teams Phone

Pearson College UWC is making education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

When Pearson College UWC experienced a catastrophic hardware failure that resulted in the loss of their phone system, Regroove was on hand to provide an emergency implementation of Teams Phone, a cloud-based solution.  


What would happen at your place of work if you suddenly lost your phone system? At first, you might think it’s just your phone. But as you check-in with your team members, you realize no one can make outgoing calls. Would you lose revenue? Productivity? Would it be more serious than that?  

Depending on your line of work, this could range from an inconvenience to an outright catastrophe. Regardless, it’s a serious issue when you can no longer make emergency calls.  

This became reality for one of our clients – Pearson College UWC. Their team experienced a sudden and unexpected hardware failure that resulted in an inability to make outgoing calls.  


Fortunately, Regroove had already been in conversation with Pearson College UWC about the benefits of transitioning to a cloud-based phone system like Microsoft Teams Phone, especially since they already had a robust presence in the cloud. The hardware failure quickly moved up this timeline, resulting in an emergency implementation with Regroove. Working together with the College’s technical team, Regroove set up Microsoft Teams Phone quickly while also considering the client’s unique business requirements.  

Regroove set Pearson College UWC’s system up with the traditional features of a phone system such as call transferring, hold music, and call parking. Teams Phone also offers features you can only find in the cloud, so Regroove configured additional features including group calling, an auto attendant, and shared voicemail. An added bonus with making the switch to Teams Phone is that the College team can now answer calls from anywhere, including through their laptop or on a cell phone.  

Outcomes and Benefits

Pearson College UWC has embraced the modern desktop as a cloud-based organization that can access their data and run their operations from anywhere. Implementing Teams Phone was the last piece of the puzzle that truly modernized the team’s capabilities. Now that Pearson College UWC is using a cloud-based phone system, they stand to save money on calling costs and hardware in the future. Despite the difficult nature of the emergency implementation, Pearson College UWC is now poised to fully embrace the cloud and reap the time, productivity, and cost-saving benefits.  

Migrating your organization’s phone system to the cloud offers your team flexibility and accessibility while elevating your customer’s call experience. To find out whether Microsoft Teams Phone is the right solution for you, fill out the form below and one of our Teams Phone experts will be in touch!