M'akola Development Services

Digital Transformation Through Collaboration

M’akola Development Services (MDS) is an indigenous-based, socially-conscious professional development services organization.

Digital transformation is one of those buzzwords that is currently sweeping across industries. For Regroove, and for our clients, digital transformation refers to the way we leverage technology to improve business outcomes, increase competitiveness, and better meet the needs of customers. It requires a culture of innovation, where leadership encourages and fosters creativity, experimentation, and new ideas across teams, and where failure is seen as a learning opportunity. Digital transformation projects with Regroove are highly customized, client-centric, and collaborative opportunities for Regroove to walk alongside clients as they look for ways to increase and optimize the cloud in their business operations.

M’akola Development Services (MDS) is a long-time partner of Regroove and is a model example of an organization that is fully embracing the power and potential of the cloud in all areas of their organization. In Spring 2023, we embarked on a Digital Transformation project with MDS. Our Director of Business Development, Kayla Whitesel, spent time talking with everyone from project coordinators to senior leadership to capture how the MDS team works, what their organizational objectives and visions are, and how we can assist them in further leveraging cloud technology to achieve those goals.


MDS has been very proactive in moving their organization to the cloud. As part of the Microsoft 365 Quarterly Assessment, which is designed to ensure our client’s Microsoft environments are always meeting best standards for security, they did a one-hour consulting session with our team and expressed interest in a more fulsome, organization-wide assessment to see whether they could better utilize the cloud technology tools they have implemented so far.


After discussions with MDS on the most effective ways to structure this assessment for their multi-campus organization, our Director of Business Development spent a full day onsite at their Victoria office, with the primary goal of listening and watching. Throughout the day, Kayla sat down with different project teams to listen to how they work, their experiences with their organization’s technology tools, and where they saw room for change. She led virtual meetings with representatives from MDS’ different office locations and captured the perspectives of team members from across the regions. For any team members who were not available and wanted to share their experiences, we scheduled virtual follow-up meetings in the days following.

Our Director of Business Development then compiled her research and feedback into a detailed report, identifying the strengths of the organization, areas to expand their capacity and use of cloud technology, and specific recommendations to implement. This provided MDS with a comprehensive assessment and suggested next steps, which can be implemented at any time.

Outcomes and Benefits

MDS now has a fully executable plan of action to significantly increase their already very active presence in the cloud (no matter what, there’s always room to do more in the cloud!). Rather than appointing an internal team and take time away from their busy schedules to conduct this review, Regroove was able to save this client time and resources and, in a couple of days, gather detailed information to present informed recommendations to the MDS leadership team. As an outsider looking into the inner workings of an organization, our team of cloud solutions experts are able to provide new perspectives and questions about processes and operations and advise on best practice methods to better align cloud technology to support corporate goals. If you are interested in a digital transformation assessment, please fill out the form below and our team will be in touch!