Reach CPA

Microsoft Lists Automations for Increased Efficiency & Time Management 

Regroove implemented Microsoft Lists and automations to increase efficiency and improve time management.

Reach CPA is a cloud-based accounting firm. They work with small businesses who do not have Chief Financial Officers on payroll. They provide accounting and financial management services, freeing up their clients to focus on their own business development, creative design, and growth.  


Reach CPA provides regular support and services to their clients every month. To do this effectively, they need to regularly gather information from their clients to perform tasks in a timely manner. Reach CPA was previously using a spreadsheet for each client that was intended to monitor and report on all outstanding information and tasks. 

The problem with this system was it typically siloed information about a client into email threads. Reach CPA staff were required to constantly monitor individual spreadsheets and did not have a system to notify them when required information was submitted. Clients were unable to see which items were outstanding and required action. Because Reach CPA is committed to providing efficient service, they wanted to develop a new process that would allow both Reach CPA and their clients to access a dashboard that provided a visual representation of all completed and outstanding items. Reach CPA also wanted a notification system when an action item was completed.  


Fabien Gendron, Reach CPA’s Business, Tech, and Tax Advisor, approached Regroove because of our extensive experience with Microsoft Lists and creating automations. Our consultants met with the Reach CPA team and closely reviewed their current operating processes and desired changes. Ultimately, our team recommend Microsoft Lists and Power Automate as the ideal solution. Microsoft Lists provided everything Reach CPA required to visualize each client’s status, Power Automate could be set up to send notifications when items were submitted, and it was the most cost-effective solution for the client. 

Outcomes and Benefits

This solution has been implemented for Reach CPA and they are already noticing significant time saving benefits. The management team at Reach CPA can easily see the status of every client project (and, because they are in the cloud, they can do this from anywhere!). The improved timelines and transparency of tasks is fostering improved client relationships, through trust building and accountability. Fabien estimates the new solution will save his team close to 50 hours per month. This time can be poured back into their clients, providing more value to businesses that choose to work with Reach CPA. 

This solution was built using: 

  • Microsoft Lists 
  • Power Automate and Power Apps 
  • Microsoft Teams
  • SharePoint Online

How to Improve Organizational and Staff Efficiency and Time Management Using Microsoft Lists 

Microsoft tools are specifically designed to improve your organization’s capacity for collaboration and efficiency. As experts in business and cloud-based solutions, Regroove assesses your current operations and your business goals and aligns Microsoft technology to that vision. If you would like to improve efficiency and increase your team’s productivity, fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch shortly.