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How to Remove Ads from

Many of us know that by signing up for Outlook Email at, you get access to free personal email. (This email address can be or But many go on to the question of ‘how do I remove ads from’. Want help setting this up? Read this blog post for instructions and a couple of …

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Checklist to Setup a Laptop – Top 12 Setup Tips

I received an amazing parting gift from itgroove to thank me for my four years of service  – they gave me my Surface Pro 3 device. (I know!) They kindly formatted the machine so I’d have a fresh start. Today, I powered on the device, and started with setting up my device to be a …

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Finding the Right Project Management Tool When You’re Spoiled for Choice

I was involved in helping an itgroove client with choosing the best project management tool to help manage the growing list of projects in their portfolio. The Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum Society owns and operates a Victorian era bonanza castle, a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. At the time, they were overwhelmed with …

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How to Turn Off Clutter Email Notifications in Outlook

Do you want to get rid of the Clutter notification emails in your Outlook inbox? I sure do. The notifications about messages being separated into the Clutter folder was helpful at the beginning, as Clutter is designed to filter low-priority email, not complete junk. Clutter has been around for long enough that I have built a habit into …

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How to Find Out if my Office 365 Storage is in Canada

Some people who setup their Office 365 accounts back in the day are curious about where there data is being stored. The “Where is my data?” Office 365 interactive data maps are great for showing where types of data live (such as Yammer only lives in the USA) however the map does not show where someone’s specific tenancy lives. You …

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Should I Worry about Moving My Data in Office 365 to Canadian Servers?

Recently someone in asked me about where to store their organization’s data. They didn’t understand whether Canadian servers is a thing they really needed to worry about. In an attempt to not drown them in detail and be as high level as possible, I wrote this little summary: The Short Answer is: Find out if your organization is …

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How to Use Microsoft Planner to Organize Individual Tasks

I explain how Microsoft Planner is a useful tool for a group to work together as a team in a previous post, “What is Microsoft Planner Used For?” I pointed out at the end of the post that my post was purposely worded to state what Planner is and is not designed for. Why:  Just because Planner …

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What is Microsoft Planner Used For?

My Windows Insider friend asked me another question that I wanted to share: “What kind of planning is Microsoft Planner used for?” Short answer: Many things, but mostly work that involves a group or team working together. What You Can Do with Microsoft Planner: Create a Plan. Organize tasks within a Plan onto Boards. Assign ownership …

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