Checklist to Setup a Laptop – Top 12 Setup Tips

I received an amazing parting gift from itgroove to thank me for my four years of service  – they gave me my Surface Pro 3 device. (I know!)

They kindly formatted the machine so I’d have a fresh start. Today, I powered on the device, and started with setting up my device to be a workstation again. I realized in hindsight that I should of done the typical “Kelly thing” and created a thorough checklist of all the programs and settings I had customized over the years to setup the device.

Here is my personal list of the top 12 recommendations I’d suggest to a user to setup, download, or install to get going:

  1. Setup the Windows 10 operating system.
  2. Setup the OneNote App for Windows 10.
    • The Windows 10 operating system comes with the OneNote App so that was the first App I logged into with my Microsoft account so I could access my notes, links, and passwords.
  3. Setup Edge browser.
  4. Download Chrome browser
    • This is the browser I prefer to use – especially because of it’s People feature. 
    • Use the Chrome browser instructions to set it as your default browser. 
  5. Setup a second People profile in Chrome to keep my Microsoft Account ( and my Office 365 Account (oh365eh) separate.
  6. Login to Microsoft Office 365 to set your time zone and download the Office 2016 software.
  7. Install TechSmith Snagit 13 Screen Capture Software & Screen Recorder
    • Did you know that you can use Snagit to create GIFS!
  8. Install TechSmith Camtasia Video Editor & Video Editing Software
    • Why tell someone with typed words when you can show them with a video.
  9. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DX
    • Change your default PDF reader program to Adobe from Edge.
  10. Install the “OneNote Web Clipper” add-in extension into Chrome.
    • This add-in is best for clipping full articles.
  11. Install the “Send to OneNote” add-in extension for Chrome.
    • This add-in is best for small snippets of text.
  12. Install Spotify digital music service.
    • Access and stream millions of songs while you work.

What tip would you add to this list?

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