May 2020: What’s Going On With Regroove

Bringing Your Business Online
Contact Regroove for help with digitizing, automating, and analyzing your electronic forms and data!

Go Hands Free, Get Clean Data

We blogged about…

Setting Up Microsoft Teams
Kayla blogged about how to quickly set up Microsoft Teams for your organization.

Get Your Team on Microsoft Teams

How To Bring Your Business Online
Kayla blogged about the benefits of online business, and the steps to get there.

Bring Your Business Online

How To Move Microsoft Access To The Cloud
Liam blogged about how deal with legacy storage and transition issues going from Access to the Cloud.

Replace Access with Cloud Solutions

The Benefits of Online Business
Regroove hosted a quick webinar on the benefits of having an online presence for your business.

How To Do Business Online

We met with…

Victoria Office 365 User Group: May 2020 Recap

Thank you to Sean Wallbridge, Kyle Lancaster, and Dawn Christenson (Director of Finance, Town of View Royal) who spoke at the 3 in 30 May event!

Microsoft To Do, One Place Mail, Camtasia, and Microsoft Bookings

Thank you to Karin Skapski for the monthly review of what’s new in Office 365 for May.

We shared…

Here’s a couple stories from our friends who are moving their business online using Microsoft Office 365:

Contact Regroove – we can help you move your business online!

We learned…

…that you can turn any website into a progressive Windows 10 application!

To see how to open the web app in Edge Chromium, click the … menu, then Apps, then Install this site as an app. Bonus! Pin the app to your Windows taskbar for easy access!

Read the blog post here.

…that you can make a Microsoft To Do task linked to an email without even leaving your inbox!

There are three ways:
1. Drag and drop into the ‘My Day’ pane
2. Flag an email
3. Select text and use the To Do pop up mini menu

Read the blog post here.