Ballsy Foods

Stunning Online Store with Business in a Box Service

Regroove setup a virtual, paper-free business including an online store with shopping cart.

Ballsy Foods makes and delivers healthy protein balls for busy people on the go.


Business owners Ann Conrod and Sean Wallbridge were both new to the food sales business and producing food products on mass when they started Ballsy Foods. The friends were a power duo with a dream and a drive to make and deliver healthy protein balls for busy people on the go. 

Ballsy foods stemmed from a need – my clients are typically like Sean, middle aged business people who don’t have healthy food at hand. We wanted to provide a resource for them to have healthy snacks while they are on the go between meetings, at their work, driving around.

Ann Conrod, Co-owner, Ballsy Foods

It was a rapid learning process of how to: 

  • make a nutritious, tasty product 
  • source quality ingredients and ethical packaging  
  • distribute their product to people  
  • make healthy, hungry humans aware of it 

They needed an online store for people to visit to learn about their product and customers to place their orders and make payments. It also needed a tool to track inventory and record what volumes of supplies they needed to purchase. 


Ballsy Foods brought in Regroove to help them get to market faster with a “business in box” service. 

The box contained:  

  • A business analyst to pick the right platforms for their website, inventory management tool, and ecommerce solution 
  • A designer to create wireframes of what their selected solutions should look like 
  • A technical lead to plumb the parts together into a unified online store solution 
  • A project manager to keep the project team on track and the deliverables on time  

Ann and Sean were brought in to quickly sign off on decisions and make sure the solution stayed on brand, which in their case had its own cheeky flair. ?  

Ann is the brains, the chef, and the driving force. I brought the team that took care of everything technical.

Sean Wallbridge, Co-owner, Ballsy Foods

Outcome and Benefits

Ann and Sean have a bunch of things on the go. Ballsy Foods is not the primary business or focus for either of them. As a side hustle, the business cannot be all consuming. 

If running the business was all consuming, it would no longer be fun.

Sean Wallbridge, Co-owner, Ballsy Foods

Having the entire business run online means it is easy to stay connected without having to meet in real life. Checking in with each other virtually allows them to stay on the same page about what’s been done and what needs to happen next.  

They also do not have to be available at the same time to get work done. They can work anywhere, anytime, on anything, even sitting on a park bench at 8pm using their smart phone. 

The business is also completely free of paper as taking orders, production, delivery, and invoicing is all done online.  

Customers can visit the Ballsy Foods website to educate themselves on the product options, put products in their virtual shopping cart, then pay for their order with a credit card from any device. The website is consistently beautiful to look at and easy to use, even on the smaller mobile device screen.  

Considering what we pay for it, it’s pretty fantastic.

Sean Wallbridge, Co-owner, Ballsy Foods

The solution is scalable as the business success drives growth. They can offer up larger volumes for corporate orders without any changes to the current online store solution. 


This solution was built using: 

  • G-Suite for administration and collaboration 
  • Google Drive for sharing recipes 
  • Weebly for the website 
  • Square for the ecommerce shopping cart and invoicing 
  • QuickBooks Online for accounting  
  • Venngage for creating datasheets and infographics 
  • TypeForm for creating polls and forms 
  • Facebook and Instagram for marketing 
  • Planoly for social media management