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What are your “Pain Points”? We’d like to help.

itgroove is a business technology solutions provider. We have lots of tools and technology available that can be used to solve any number of business issues. And we have the knowledge and experience to map the solutions out for you, as well as the skills to implement the needed hardware, software and procedures. You have …

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Benefits of working with itgroove

We spent a little time this week putting together a list of what we believe are the benefits customers get, working with itgroove. You’ll notice we didn’t put things like we’re wicked smart” or “we’re great haxors”. We tried to compile a list of value we provide to a customer, based on our approach to …

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Privilege Issues with pushing out Trend Micro clients

Louis in our office ran into an issue lately where I was trying to push out Trend clients to workstations and was receiving a security prompt saying the account does not have administrator privileges” when in actually does. To fix this issue I went into “Computer Management” and connected to each computer via the “Connect …

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How to Hide Desktop Icons When Creating a Desktop Video

Well, what d’ya know? I’m not sure how far back this feature goes (at least Vista, maybe XP, gosh, maybe even Windows 2000?), but it became a very practical solution for me today.   My Requirement I’m the a picture is worth a 1000 words” guy – and as such, I’m always creating little Jing …

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itgroove :: Our Stance on Windows 7

Customers are asking… So, we’ve got a statement for customers in Victoria, BC.   Microsoft has formally announced that Windows 7 has been “released to manufacturing” with the general availability date to customers being pegged as October 22.  We at itgroove are extremely excited about Windows 7 as it addresses all of the shortcomings of …

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Event ID 15, 1053 and 1054 – Watch for a rogue DHCP Server on your network

I’ve seen these Event ID’s appear in situations where:   Active Directory was unhealthy (or a single DC, that a workstation was attempting to connect to was unhealthy) DNS Servers that a workstation points to, are unhealthy Combination of both (usually they are related)   Where workstations were not receiving GPO updates successfully, and workstations …

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Vista – Give me my Run Prompt Back!

We all have our loves and hates about Vista. Mine are pretty simple (why is the Telnet client not installed by default? Why isn’t it faster than it is?). But for the most part, if I find something I don’t like, I figure out how to shut it off and I move on. The latest …

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Miscellaneous Third Party Techie Tools I can’t live without

Here’s a listing of (no, I’m not ranting about how much I love SharePoint in this post, though I might reference it here and there) 3rd party tools that I use constantly and a brief summary of how I use it (I’m not listing the complete listing of features of each, that is what their …

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