itgroove :: Our Stance on Windows 7

Customers are asking… So, we’ve got a statement for customers in Victoria, BC.


Microsoft has formally announced that Windows 7 has been “released to manufacturing” with the general availability date to customers being pegged as October 22.  We at itgroove are extremely excited about Windows 7 as it addresses all of the shortcomings of Windows Vista and brings a whole new set of goodies to the party.


Windows 7 is much, much more responsive than Vista due to some major architectural changes.  While 7 still requires fairly strong hardware it is a safe bet to say that if your hardware is Vista certified then 7 will run on that hardware in a much better fashion than would Vista.  7 also addresses the serious compatibility issues that Vista exhibited with older programs designed for XP or older operating systems.  The “Compatibility Mode” function built-in to 7 will run older programs inside an XP “virtual machine” thereby guaranteeing a better experience for users, a longer “shelf life” for older programs and driving a better ROI for business owners on their software investment.  There are many, many other improvements over Vista (too many to mention) which lead us to heartily “bless” Windows 7 with our seal of approval.


We believe that Windows 7 represents the best “go-forward” operating system choice for all of our customers and we urge you to consider moving to 7 as you replace machines.  We also urge you to ensure that any desktop/laptop machines that you purchase going forward come loaded with 7 or come with upgrade rights to 7 as there is no longer any need to stay in the XP world.  We are so convinced of the inherent goodness of 7 that we will be moving our office en masse to 7 as soon as we receive the RTM software (we have some machines running “release candidates” already).


We would be happy to discuss the merits of moving to Windows 7 with you, please feel free to contact us at any time.