Vista – Give me my Run Prompt Back!

We all have our loves and hates about Vista. Mine are pretty simple (why is the Telnet client not installed by default? Why isn’t it faster than it is?). But for the most part, if I find something I don’t like, I figure out how to shut it off and I move on.

The latest for me is the ‘Start Search’ box that sits where the Run prompt used to be. Darn it, while I can appreciate the reason behind the decision, it doesn’t work for me. If you make a typo in there, trying to launch some command, Search tries to ‘find it’, thinking I meant to look for ‘notepadd’ (typo is on purpose). I think there is a general misconception that this has ‘replaced’ the run prompt, but in fact, it is a new feature and the Run Prompt has actually just been ‘disabled or turned off’.


So, I want my Run Prompt back


And here’s how (it’s not hard, but here’s the process of steps to find it)…

  1. Right click on the Start Menu and choose Properties

  1. Choose ‘Customize’ from the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties

  1. Scroll down and add the Run Command and voila, it’s back!

Tada!!! The Run Prompt is back!