Benefits of working with itgroove

We spent a little time this week putting together a list of what we believe are the benefits customers get, working with itgroove. You’ll notice we didn’t put things like we’re wicked smart” or “we’re great haxors”. We tried to compile a list of value we provide to a customer, based on our approach to business and technology.


The Mission at itgroove is to build a reputable and reliable IT Service Business based in Greater Victoria. Due to our commitment to working and thinking long term, we believe itgroove customers enjoy the following benefits:


  • itgroove is made up of a team of seasoned and experienced IT Professionals. Our Senior Consultants have extensive International experience and over 80 years of combined Technology and Business Experience. Benefit: We’ve been there and done that. You and your business will benefit from our collective experience.
  • itgroove designs and implements solutions based on industry best practices. We build solutions for “the long haul”. Benefit: itgroove builds solutions that give you the best return on your investment.
  • Every service agreement customer has a Dedicated Account Manager and both a Lead and an Alternate Technical resource, so there is always coverage and shared information. Benefit: We are organized and keep good records so anyone on the team can help at the drop of a hat.
  • itgroove employs several Remote IT management tools. Benefit: We can respond quickly and often are connected to you and are working on your issue within minutes.
  • itgroove is constantly building and enhancing our Extensive Knowledge Base of industry best practices, fixes and solutions. Benefit: Often we’ve seen the issue you are experiencing before and we know how to fix it, quickly.
  • itgroove’s growth is based on customer satisfaction and subsequent referrals. We aim to please. Benefit: We are not sales focused, we are service focused. While we can help you align your business with “Business Class” Hardware and Software and obtain and supply Business Class products, our primary focus is on service … Always.
  • itgroove’s approach is ‘business requirement/analysis’ orientated. itgroove will provide the right products and services based on your, the client’s, needs and/or requirement. Benefit: Business drives the solution; the solution does not drive the business.