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Some more justification for the SharePoint Enterprise CAL

Sigh.  I’m being lazy again. Here is an email I sent tonight to a client who was looking for justification on whether going from SharePoint Standard to Enterprise for about 80 people was worth the investment and why.  Here was my reply in case it helps others. Hey (name changed to protect the innocent) As …

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I aspire to be the Bob Ross of SharePoint

I can hear Darren’s eyes rolling from here… Egad, what now Sean? I always liked how Apollo Creed of the Rocky Movie franchise had a bunch of cool nicknames, like The King of Sting, the Master of Disaster, the Count of Monte Cristo.  I’ve been searching for my own (I needed/wanted something to make what …

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Nintex Mobile 1.1 Released

Nintex Mobile 1.1 is out.  New functionality keeps arriving. I’m liking this agile stuff.  Bring on the GPS/Photo positioning and we have a game changer. Enhancements Include A new restyled layout optimized for iPad Forget me functionality on sign out Option to sync items when on a WiFi network only Visualization of non-blocking error messages …

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Upgrade job definition already exists

This blog post is a little late but I wanted to get it out of my mental queue… What A customer had a SharePoint 2010 Patching/Upgrade go horribly wrong.  It was stuck. Couldn’t complete the upgrade, PSConfig failed, couldn’t go forward, couldn’t go back. In fact, it was stuck in that state for weeks (possibly …

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Content Types and Office 365

  I was wondering today about Content Types and Office 365.  Do I get a Content Type Hub?  How do I find it? As our staff BBQ is about to start, I’m taking the lazy Q/A approach to knock this post out… have a great weekend folks. The Dealio about Content Type Hubs in Office …

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Nintex Mobile has already received an update in the App Store

If you have an iPhone/iPad and you have been playing with Nintex Mobile, you may have discovered that you were unable to connect to your SharePoint sites.  One bug was that Nintex Mobile would tell you your username or password was invalid (When in fact it was just fine).  This build (1.0.2) addresses that, among …

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Lots of Cool SharePoint News This Week

Just a quick update as I’ve been quiet lately. But there are a few cool things going on that at least needed to be shared, so here goes (brief, but you get what you get The SharePoint Conference has been announced for 2014 and it’s in Vegas again.  This time at the Venetian. I’ll be …

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