Content Types and Office 365


I was wondering today about Content Types and Office 365.  Do I get a Content Type Hub?  How do I find it?

As our staff BBQ is about to start, I’m taking the lazy Q/A approach to knock this post out… have a great weekend folks.

The Dealio about Content Type Hubs in Office 365


Question: In Office 365 and SharePoint Online, do I have a Content Type Hub?

Answer: Yes sir.  You do

Question: Where do I find it?

Answer: While it isn’t intentionally ‘hidden’, it is also not listed under your “Manage Site Collections” list in the SharePoint Admin Center (probably for good reason, to keep newbies from breaking their shit Winking smile)

Question: So where is it?

Answer: You’ll find it under this path: /sites/contentTypeHub (strange that the initial “c” isn’t capitalized, not that case is important in this case, but is that an intentional typo?

Question: If I forget about that path or don’t read this blog or others, how else could I have found it?

Answer: In Office 365, you can’t manage the Managed Metadata Service Application so you won’t find it through classic means. However, every site collection in your Office 365/SharePoint Online tenancy will be aware of it. As a Site Collection Administrator, you’ll want to go to –> Site Settings –> Site Collection Administration –> Content Type Publishing. From there, all will be exposed as per below…


Question: Who has access to it by default?

Answer: Until  you assign other site collection administrators, the account that was used to create the SharePoint Tenancy will be the only/initial site collection administrator.  This account is also referred to as the “Company Administrator”.