Nintex Mobile has already received an update in the App Store

If you have an iPhone/iPad and you have been playing with Nintex Mobile, you may have discovered that you were unable to connect to your SharePoint sites.  One bug was that Nintex Mobile would tell you your username or password was invalid (When in fact it was just fine).  This build (1.0.2) addresses that, among a few other things, to give better feedback when you are unable to connect Nintex Mobile to your SharePoint/Nintex Forms environment.

They describe the fix as “User-Friendly message returned when not connected to a supported Nintex Forms Environment”.  Ah you sweet nerds…  In other words, “now we diagnose this problem correctly” Winking smile

Anyways, water under the bridge.  This is a pretty fantastic new capability (offline electronic forms on your tablet/iPhone that when synched to SharePoint, can then have workflows run against them)… Awesomesauce.

PS.  You need to ensure your SharePoint environment meets the following minimum requirements for Nintex Mobile to connect (Reference:

  • Nintex Workflow 2013 v3.0.3.0 and Nintex Forms 2013 v2.1.1 OR
  • Nintex Workflow 2010 v2.3.9 and Nintex Forms 2010 v2.3.9




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