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The Cloud Disruption Story – itgroove moves to QuickBooks Online

Hey folks, I’m doing a 20 minute presentation next week (Thursday, April 20th) at the Office 365 User Group (free pizza, if you register!) where I’m going to talk about why and how we moved from QuickBooks 2016 (the desktop software) to QuickBooks Online.  It isn’t going to get terribly technical but I’m aiming to …

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Office Apps for iPad updated today

Microsoft is staying “Agile” with Office (for iPad at least) and released some new functionality today for Word (for iPad), Excel (for iPad and PowerPoint (for Blackberry … Just making sure you are paying attention…).

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Nintex Mobile 2.3 for iOS corrects issues with File Attachments not uploading

There is a new build of Nintex Mobile (2.3) out yesterday that adds some new functionality but most importantly, corrects a pretty disruptive bug. The Bug Error Message: “Invalid number of attachments for document” The previous Nintex Mobile App for iOS had an annoying bug. I couldn’t upload attachments anymore and it stopped us from …

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First round of updates for Office Apps for iPad – Print Baby Print

While it might have seemed strange to not include printing support in the first wave of Office for iPad apps (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), I guess you had to stop and deliver a 1.0 at some point and frankly, the Office Apps for iPad didn’t disappoint. That said, there was feedback and as of today, …

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SharePlus gets a face lift

I’ve evaluated probably a dozen iOS apps for SharePoint and my favourite is still SharePlus. Several reasons factor into this including reliability, ease of use, support for blogs (a rarity it seems) and support for pretty much any relevant mobile device. And now it has the iOS 7 look and feel (or rather, it has …

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OneNote makes me smile. Today it’s more iOS love and respect

Man I love me some OneNote.  And every time I notice the client in iOS gets updated, I just have to have a look.  This week, Microsoft introduced version 2.2 and pretty much only pointed out that it was “beautifully redesigned for iOS 7”.  I need to agree, as some of the attributes of the …

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Nifty tool for showing iPhone and iPad screens on the PC

Stumbled across this nifty tool, ReflectorApp today while looking for a solution to provide better support for my family. You see, I convinced everyone in my family to get iPhones so that I wouldn’t have to help them.  This backfired a little as it seems even the iPhone can be complicated for newbs and now …

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Outlook Web Access (OWA) for iOS

Microsoft is sure churning out the apps for iPad/iPhone and other mobile devices. This time it is OWA (Outlook Web Access) for iPhone/iPad The Good I don’t love using the iPhone/iPad mail client to connect to Exchange/ActiveSync. It gets the job done, but it isn’t “great” Slick/Tidy/Clean. It’s all “Metro, er, Windows 8 UI, er, …

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