SharePlus gets a face lift

I’ve evaluated probably a dozen iOS apps for SharePoint and my favourite is still SharePlus. Several reasons factor into this including reliability, ease of use, support for blogs (a rarity it seems) and support for pretty much any relevant mobile device. And now it has the iOS 7 look and feel (or rather, it has the stolen, from Microsoft ironically thank you very much, Metro or rather, “Modern UI” look to it).


Where to get it

SharePlus: Office 365 and SharePoint Mobile Client by Infragistics Business Solutions, Inc.


Screenshot Sampler






What’s new in SharePlus v 4.0

This version of SharePlus added the following features:

  • New iOS 7 look & feel – SharePlus 4 introduces the iOS 7 look & feel.
  • New focus on content and user activities – The whole SharePlus experience is now user-centered and it’s all about the content and the user activities. The server’s structure is not the focus anymore but how the user interacts with the application.
  • New SideBar structure -SharePlus features are now organized in modules that are always available for quick access. A SideBar menu gives you access to these modules and the module content is displayed on the main screen or Working Surface.
  • Unified Action Menus – SharePlus now centralizes all possible actions to be performed over all content, including sites, webs, lists, and items.
  • SharePlus Grid visualization improved – You can now change the column order, apply sorting criteria, and adjust the column width through the UI. Tap & hold over the column header.
  • New Online/Offline Switch – The Go Online/Go Offline button is now replaced by a switch that allows you to alternate between the Online and Offline modes.


  • Recent Content – Recent content is now available through the Documents and Sites modules, giving you quick access to your last opened documents or sites.
  • Synchronization Progress Detail – SharePlus now includes details about the Synchronization process. A new SideBar component, Synchronization, allows you to access and monitor information when synchronizing your data.
  • Copy/Move To Support – You are now able to copy/move a document or attachment to Local Files or upload the file to any SharePoint location that you can navigate to.
  • Favorites Module – This module gives you quick access to commonly used content marked as Favorite.
  • ReportPlus Integration – Use data visualization to communicate insight by creating dashboards that consume SharePoint data.


  • Application Launchpads – By using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, SharePlus can display rich launchpads to enhance the user experience. Besides that, SharePlus provides a JavaScript API that gives access to SharePlus data, giving you the ability to present dynamic content from the server, even while offline.
  • Custom Homes – You can configure different types of content to be displayed when accessing a Site or the Application Home module, i.e., Application Launchpads, ReportPlus dashboards, and PDF files.
  • SharePoint 2013 Social Features – Collaboration is encouraged through SharePlus new Social Module, providing a centralized and feature-rich User Experience (UX) for SharePoint 2013 social features.
  • Timeline – The Timeline tab includes your Newsfeed to access all your public posts, conversations, and updates.
  • People – With this tab you are able to connect with people, access their content and activity feed, and also start conversations with them.
  • My Content and Profile -Access to your personal SharePoint storage (My Content), including both your public and private document libraries.
  • Recommended and Followed Content -Working with SharePoint 2013 server you get recommendations on sites and documents. You can also access the sites, documents, and people that you follow.
  • Search Module – This module allows you to search server content and retrieve results from all connected portals at the same time. Filters like scope, date, result type, and author help you narrow the retrieved results which are displayed in an organized list view.
  • MDM Integration – SharePlus can work in conjunction with MDM servers to support Application Deployment, Authentication/Authorization, Data Leakage Policies and Data Protection. MobileIron is fully supported, including AppStorefront, AppTunnel, and AppConnect.