Nintex Mobile 2.3 for iOS corrects issues with File Attachments not uploading

There is a new build of Nintex Mobile (2.3) out yesterday that adds some new functionality but most importantly, corrects a pretty disruptive bug.

The Bug

Error Message: “Invalid number of attachments for document”

The previous Nintex Mobile App for iOS had an annoying bug. I couldn’t upload attachments anymore and it stopped us from being able to use the app for processing our cheques (we have a beautiful process for managing cheques and reconciliation).  While we had other ways to get the data into SharePoint, Nintex Mobile was great for being right at hand and the option of being offline until we were near Wifi again for the upload of data.

The New Stuff

Along with relief for the bug, new in Nintex Mobile 2.3 is:

  • Painted control borders
  • Allows for panels for grouping controls together
  • Multiple Attachments (I’m just glad to be able to do “any” attachments at this point Winking smile)