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What are your “Pain Points”? We’d like to help.

itgroove is a business technology solutions provider. We have lots of tools and technology available that can be used to solve any number of business issues. And we have the knowledge and experience to map the solutions out for you, as well as the skills to implement the needed hardware, software and procedures. You have …

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Benefits of working with itgroove

We spent a little time this week putting together a list of what we believe are the benefits customers get, working with itgroove. You’ll notice we didn’t put things like we’re wicked smart” or “we’re great haxors”. We tried to compile a list of value we provide to a customer, based on our approach to …

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Binding additional IP Addresses in IIS on Windows Server 2008

This was a strange one today. Not sure what the brainstorm behind why the change in IIS (sigh, so much has changed in Windows Server 2008 IIS). I wanted to bind a SharePoint Web Application to a second (additional IP) address I added to my Windows 2008 Server. In Windows Server 2003, once this has …

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SharePoint is Amazing – Nobody is Happy

I’m a SharePoint fan (and presumably one of the reasons M$ expressed interest in awarding me the MVP, of which I’m very proud of the consideration).  Maybe I’m even a bit of a homer about it (a homer, for all you non-hockey fans is someone that backs up your team and only sees the positive, …

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I’m now an SharePoint MVP – How cool is that?

Well, what do ya know?  Apparently, Microsoft loves, my love for SharePoint (and all those other related things I do – SharePoint, Windows Server, Exchange, SQL, IIS, ASP.NET – you know, all those things that SharePoint works with – I think I was ‘built’ to be a SharePoint Guy).     I was awarded with …

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BrainLitter – Now you can give Beers of Thanks

  Beer Me! Ok, I’ve been told I’ve helped a number of people, over the years, with my postings (in newsgroups and such) and my blog ( And people always tell me oh, I owe you a beer”, or “if you were nearby, I’d drop you a six pack” or “if you are ever in …

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